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Maybe your GF instructed them to not tell you the price? Anyway you can ask to see the cloth swatch, price tag are usually attached on the first page. It is good that you have a pretty generous GF
As a side topic, has anyone thought of why women afraid to look 'dated' and refrain from the 'elegant/sophisticated' look. I will have thought a good looking female in her early years, dressing in flawless tailored garment (not peacocky), will be subline and better than a typical 'trendy' look
No love on the 1st generation designer? e.g. Christian DiorI am not sure an adequate padding on women's garment should be considered 'manly'In fact I think most of the time a shoulder pad will really helps to prefect the look.While I agree very strong shoulder is masculine, in most cases women looks better in padded coat.
In my opinion, women in menswear is not right (also the vice versa) Things such my last picture illustrate the best of both words, combinded the precision of tailoring and the femine cut of women's wear. Those outfits from the eidtors of the Rake are just tacky and lacks refinement.
Sorry I added the firsr pic just for cuteness.
I am quiet surprised that no one has posted the good-old days designer women's daywear. They really are the prima of women's tailoring. If people are keen on classic women's tailoring, I do have a small collection on my tumblr.
I have always been eyeing for the special off white Dupioni silk 3pcs length.That will be truly special occasion suiting.
I really have to visit these cloth merchants in the Europe. They really are exquisite.
To be honest, I think virtually all well-known brands will not use only prime parts for their RTW or MTO shoes.
I actually will suggest Davis & Son as another good one to try on.
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