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I am at the same position for next winter and I am looking at Zegna Mongolian cashmere amd getting it made up as chesterfield coat.I dont want to regret by getting my only overcoat in run of the mill covert fabrics.
Jeeves is a well known international dry cleaners... if you have zero contact pethaps that is a safe route to go.
I just want to ask does "Jeeves" provide international ironing service?I am sure some Japanese members can suggest some domestic dry cleaners which are very professional.
That strange.... I refer to G Livingstone because I knew Andy do come down to London to take order / fittings.... so there is no need to go to North for visit.Anyway enjoy your appointment with Dominic...
I see, congrats and I am sure your future wife will apperciate your effort.Having the price factor on spot, I dont have a conclusive UK experience but I can vote to refrain from Graham Browne and Richard Anderson MTM... I have a friend used Andy Livingstone at G Livingstone and I like their cut... It is very Darren Beamen shape but with a more business relaible operation.Their price should not be too expensive.I have also heard something good from Desmond Merrion. No...
Yes they will... do you have a local tailor that you visit often?
There is a significant difference between MTM and bespoke. The pattern will be desgined afresh which means you can ditate how the coat will sit on you (e.g. collar height, open or close quarter, waistline, armhole, paddings, back and front balance). MTM manufacture will not have all the bespoke touches e.g. two piece collar, hand padded lapel and chest. Overall, if you have too many alteration on MTM intended block pattern it rarely turn out to be good looking. This is...
I just think if OP can pay savile row price, there is nothing bad in picking a worthwhile Savile Row tailor that justify the price. Maurice Sedwell, G&H Bespoke and Edward Sexton are so unique on their house style that if someone is looking for a special English rope shoulder garment, he should really check them out inside the store and feel their garments and see whether they like them. Chittlesbrough & Morgan may also be a good choice but my personal experience with...
I do suggest you to try Maurice Sedwell or Edward Sexton. I have tried the latter myself and I love their cut and make.
This is excellent.... Do you provide a physical store for professional measurements?
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