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There will also be some fusing on a fully canvassed jacket.
Yes I do have fat forearms sadly.
Yes it is by Grand Tailor.
I dont think fresco wears that cool in Hong Kong.
This is very true, lightweight fresco are too stiff and scratchy for run-of-the-mill customers...On the other hand, the softer hand mohair blend is slightly more popular.
Agreed and actually there are better choice out there than the current fresco manufactured blots.
Some more amateur photos of my ready project in topical weight cool wool. Very happy overall with the new trimmings... it is really worth it In recent commission my tailor had added lapped seams on the coat (back center, back side, sleeves).
With that upper limit why not try WW Chan... their cut will probably best suits your requirment.
Yes Hip the coat will be fully canvassed with the new trimmings I have gathered for my tailor.
Just by the shapshots, I find the german example looks much better than Steed. The german example had a more refined shape.
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