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Lol cheap Hong Kong tailors.This may get out of control like the recent HK political movement.
Not a fan of Karl's nwat slopy shoulder look.Darren has very different style as I understood. He has more equestrian DNA in his craft.
To be fair, Darren is a good craftsman. I wish he travels for truck shows, his Leeds workshop really impresses me.
Ha very well said.However, I do feel sad that structured garment cannotes 'stiff, lawyer, businessman'.Do structured garment really confers authority? shouldnt be the people themsleves cannotes authority?
Basically it looks like very well-made batch made jacket. I do not see any personality in this garment.I have no doubt that OP is really well dressed. Nor I doubt his great taste.But to persuade this tailor is a superior choice in this peice range is over the top.p.s. those patch pockets are too english for this italian garment. Also too big by proportion.
I think there are other tailors who can provide similar or same workmanship at a lower cost.It is a great fit but I don't see any soul in the coat.
Is this Asian Vox? Very nice albeit I think price is still too high for something like this.
Whats the big deal of outgrowing your bespoke suit? At least it is better than getting a women pregant before 25 isnt it? I think a suit with couple years of life spam is pretty fair. No matter it is bespoke or not.
Thx Derek for organising this run. I have enough cloth for a smart 3PC for the prefect leisure travel suit.
I have ask them about the price and size of the items..... lets wait.
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