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A day in Hong Kong... [[SPOILER]]
Mr Fishball ypu have to show me those place where I can get vintage fabrics... the scabal above is fantastic.
I have both swatches and I find the one by Dugdale is too 'hairy' for the humid summer. Also it is slightly too ichy when worn with some sweat. I don't think it will keep me dry but rather stuffy and sweaty.However, in UK this is probably a good summer cloth with the UK breezy summer wind.
Hello Gentlemen, This is the same pair as this: http://ethandesu.com/post/66936070473/saint-crispins-for-the-armoury-by-the-armoury This pair is in UK9E Riva last, I suggest the same size in other English brands. The shoe has a very balanced proportion, it also has a special design on the heel. Unfortunately, there is a small cut on the right cap of the shoe ( see the last picture). Not significant in distance. I have worn this pair of shoe in Hong Kong only for less...
I can imagine that H. Baramon will have better construction if the right sifu is in the action.
I believe all your suggestions are in the right track.
I was referring to Dugdale's New Fine Wool Worsted as being unsuitable for Hong Kong post-Easter weather.
Actually I will advise against New Cool Wool for HK post-easter usage. That range is prefect to London dry summer but not HK's one.
A gathering like last time in Causeway Bay will be prefect.Although I did not stay at the gathering very long but I recall there are a few interesting workboot lovers.I think a general Styleforum + HK discuss gathering will be a desirable event.
Also noted that for complicated designs, extra charge will apply.In my case, my seamless wholecut cost HKD1,000 extra.
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