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Haha for me it is up to a point where I don't need that much fine clothesPlus I put on so much weight ar chobo gor
I will PM you guys on it.
I have an overcoat made in bower roebuck baby Alpaca wool and it is a pretty good fabric. I believe most Hong Kong tailors also stock their swatch books.I really will think twice anything from WW Chan which is less then HKD25000....A fully hand canvassed overcoat do need skilled coatmaker, I don't think a budget buyer should venture into it.I guess if you are interested check my tumblr as I have some pictures of my overcoat.
Go for it!
I think for Chan and A Men.... I will be expected to pay in the region of HKD25000-30000, especially if they choose the good coatmakers.
I don't think Dream will make anyone an overcoat.BTW that budget is tight for a properly made overcoat, with fabric inclusive.
This does look pretty impressive.
I love birdseye for formal suiting.... it is less boring then plains.
I think I missed that unfortunately. De luca will be interesting.
I rather not try another HK tailor or UK tailor.Just want to try something new.
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