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I have seen Tessitura Di Novara in the Zegna book recently but they are not stubby at all, rather like plain weave fabric in 260 gram.Anyway thank you for the tip and I can refer the question to my tailor.
By the way guys, Do you know where I can find source(s) for good quality dupioni silk suiting online or locally in Hong Kong? I don't mind buying online / over the phone but it will be greatful if they can provide samples or website pages where I can check them out. Been dying to get a length of dark grey or navy blue for a long time.
@jswp I think with your budget it is workable with both WWC and GY. What do you mean by "traditional"? I think you should also consider what fabric you like... especially on tux... I suggest you to have a more detailed spec. in mind to ensure you don't get a rubbish result and pushing money down the drain. @Chicagobred I recently ordered a length of mid-grey zegna Wool-linen-silk trouser length, it has a nice silvery sheen finish and relatively durable for daily...
I agree entirely that "Drapers" Five Star is a good book to have, but only for the informed customer. Also not all wholeseller are willing to give out generous amounts of books unless they can assure that they will have regular orders with tailors. By the way, does Drapers have any books that are catered for Asian climates? My limited experience tells that Drapers aren't very known for their tropical offerings.
Thanks guys I have ordered the VBC 280g hopsack... I have also through my tailors asked for sample books for drapers. Thanks for all the tips.
The sad thing is my tailor does have any books from Drapers.
Hello guys just a quick question... I am recently engagded to buy a navy hopsack length for new blazer. This will be a under 10oz cloth. I am now faced with offer from Loro Piana, VBC and Zegna 15milmil15... Basically price is not the paramount concern, feel wise Zegna seems to have the finest hand, but do they perform as good as their 15milmil15 worsted wool? If not, since there is only one LP to choose from (one sample I like from the jacketing book), is there any...
I am pretty convinced that this is the bespoke outsource service provided by Ascot Chan in "Element Store"...The work looks very run-of -the-mill.....
I am inclined to think that you probably have too much waist tapering on your garment thus when button up the pulling existed, and when sit down the pulling makes a fold line. How about bringing the garment back for a quick iron and loosen the waist?
My tailor could not get hold of any amd I have the impression that they may offer the same thing.
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