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Yes because I like to have both cig and name card pocket.
Thank you for everyone's chip in.May I ask then (as a clueless newbie) what are they suitable buttonhole thread stock I should get? How many colours and quantity I need to cover the typical men's bespoke projects?And also I noted that different needle may be needed for these threads, may I ask what are the model number for those?If people are kind enough to tell me, I will probably stock a whole set in my of-to-go tailors.
Thank you for your clarification master fishball.
I had a coat made with four internal pockets. It does work.
If one actually pursue to buy these Gutermann threads from the Tsuen Wan dealer, which model and colour should one buy? It is likely that the most convenient way is to buy a set which includes all typical suiting and coating colours.Furthermore, the thickness of the thread plays a critical role so which thickness should one buy?
I am surprised to see some of the Chan's suit here.
He just ask me my comments on Chan? What part did he imply his budget?Or you are just eating on your sorrow of inability to make an informed choice?
Final Fitting before the remaining decorative works, Ironing and finishing. [[SPOILER]]
Given the "beyond average uniform" look of my commission, I am inclined to believe that the pattern are not cut by hand. Nonetheless, this does not mean all the fitting tweats would be absent.
O dear I am starting to forget things. Sorry for prompting you in a bad light previously.So you still have not decide on your next commission? I will say if you are definitely a fan of Lai's cut (I mean the general one not the one Lai cuts for me with more chest and shoulders), I think you will find the handwork and the fit of WW Chan very good.However, be noted that I find their cut is very industrialize and not very personal. However I am sure mass of people would like...
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