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I have collected another 2 pieces of 3pc suiting today, again I am very pleased with my venture with this new man so far.Both suits are in ultra-light weight 240 grams cloth. The darker one in Dormeuil and the lighter one in Fintex.The construction is very lightweight and the cut is more 'modern' then my usual tailor.Enjoy [[SPOILER]]
I actually will consider this dark grey. I will not worry about that.
[[SPOILER]] This is my long-overdue over coat project. This features many details e.g morning coat back, back center box pleat, fake half belt, velvet collar, turnback cuffs...etc.Fabric is by baby alpaca wool from Bower Roebuck.As shown above, do not make the mistake of arguing with your tailor, it will never goes well. [[SPOILER]] I have been told that all currrent orders (including 2 blazers and 2 3pc suits, beside the overcoat) will be ready in around 15 days.Again, I...
I can smell the presence of mafoofan here. Well done on that trip, I hope I can find time soon.
[quote name="nutcracker" url="/t/343005/japanese-shoes-bespoke-rtw-super-thread/2835#post_7346906" [[SPOILER]] FB[/quote]Hey Nutcracker..... I always wonder how these boots will look like on the owner.Just curious about this female who has such a refined taste.
Thanks for your kind words.In real life, the suit looks more relaxed and 'Italian'.@chobo you never seen their waistcoat?
@BespokeKiwi thanks for you kind words.
For those waiting, here is the selfie. I must say it is very diffcult to take a good picture of a 240 gram fabric. IMG_20140907_221440 by CHA-K, on Flickr
I think thats just optical illusion. The peak is attached very tight from the grorge.That a 240g Scabal cloth, muat be a pain to tailor.
I recently had tried a new tailor because it was recommended by my friend. According to him, the tailor offers contemporary cutting and minimalist constructions. I have received the garments yesterday, and I must say they provide excellent value compared to my usual HK tailor. Workmanship and pattern are on-par with current top-end bespoke tailor shop. I guess I have to make some more with them. The particular point that amuses me is that they can accommodate a...
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