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I have clarify the canvass origin with Ricky about two days ago. Before I see this post, I have been tipped by a close friend on the same matter.Although He did not tell me the origin of their default canvass, but canvass from RichardJamesWeldon cost HK$200 extra in each coat. Perhaps Ricky has made a 'special default' for you.He kept silent on whether RJW canvass will be used on the waistcoat, I presumed he will. I shall ask him upon baste fitting.
There is no particular reason really.
ha, icic....well at least the cutter sees me yesterday.
When I was in Dream, Ricky and his dad are in house. His dad was looking into my coat in great detail. Sadly, I didnt meet the waistcoat and trouser maker.I have asked Ricky to have an English canvassed coat and waistcoat.Shape should not be a problem since I ask for padded shoulder.
This is the first time I tried another HK tailor. I have always been using Hui to make my stuff in HK.
I am surprised someone will get bad customer service in HK. They do not keep chating with the customer which is actually the best bit about them. sorry to hear that.
Today, I have break my rule and placed an order with Ricky at Dream Bespoke today. Very nice place and I hope Ricky will not find me too annoying.
where I can get one length?
I appreciate your love towards YSL's work, he is certainly one of the top designer ever lived. Except women's dresswear, I can't think of any signature dress-suit design made by YSL, maybe the 30s lapel pants-suit but I don't think that counts. You should have post YSL's women Safari suit, that was a cool take on quasi-men's clothing.
To facilitate the discussion, here is a brief article about 'tailoring v.s. dress making" http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=832
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