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I believe Dugdale Bros has a online shop. I am also aware that 'huddersfield' website does stock some dugdale range.
This is a nice Hong Kong shot.The suit does look nice on this young chap.
Actaully both are brown. The sb is Harrison Edinburgh Fine Classic and the db is vintage Dormeuil fresco.I am glad that you like it.
Cross Post from the WAYWRN threadA day in Hong Kong... [[SPOILER]]
A day in Hong Kong... [[SPOILER]]
Mr Fishball ypu have to show me those place where I can get vintage fabrics... the scabal above is fantastic.
I have both swatches and I find the one by Dugdale is too 'hairy' for the humid summer. Also it is slightly too ichy when worn with some sweat. I don't think it will keep me dry but rather stuffy and sweaty.However, in UK this is probably a good summer cloth with the UK breezy summer wind.
Hello Gentlemen, This is the same pair as this: http://ethandesu.com/post/66936070473/saint-crispins-for-the-armoury-by-the-armoury This pair is in UK9E Riva last, I suggest the same size in other English brands. The shoe has a very balanced proportion, it also has a special design on the heel. Unfortunately, there is a small cut on the right cap of the shoe ( see the last picture). Not significant in distance. I have worn this pair of shoe in Hong Kong only for less...
I can imagine that H. Baramon will have better construction if the right sifu is in the action.
I believe all your suggestions are in the right track.
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