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I have always been eyeing for the special off white Dupioni silk 3pcs length.That will be truly special occasion suiting.
I really have to visit these cloth merchants in the Europe. They really are exquisite.
To be honest, I think virtually all well-known brands will not use only prime parts for their RTW or MTO shoes.
I actually will suggest Davis & Son as another good one to try on.
Does £4000 includes also hotel, food and misscellenous expenditure?
I think it is the best to send them an email and wait for them to mail the invoice to you.alternatively, call them and made the payment via the phone. I used the phone method all the time.
I believe Dugdale Bros has a online shop. I am also aware that 'huddersfield' website does stock some dugdale range.
This is a nice Hong Kong shot.The suit does look nice on this young chap.
Actaully both are brown. The sb is Harrison Edinburgh Fine Classic and the db is vintage Dormeuil fresco.I am glad that you like it.
Cross Post from the WAYWRN threadA day in Hong Kong... [[SPOILER]]
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