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Thanks @klp2332 for this extensive review on Ng Sifu.... very good work.
I generally think a "silhoutte" is achieved by cutter following your body with his personal taste on tight/loose. Therefore a "silhoutte" should be unique.Concentrate during the fitting so you can ask tailor any questions, or answering tailors' question to you properly.I have seen few people just mumble rubbish when the tailor ask them questions in respect of the design of the baste fitting. Actually, they do have specific reference but failed to communicate properly.I...
Most probably Chittleborough & Morgan will be more too your taste. Two things to note:- 1) In order to get the chest and shoulder cut you want, the best way is to actively ask questions to the fitter, and do not day-dream in fitting. 2) Trust your eye rather than what blogger tells you.
After looking at some posts herein, I slam my face when I see people are so determined to find the "cheapest deal" that provides top end results. Besides labour costs (which locals have never really appreciated), good trimmings do cost a lot of money. I am confident to say that if people are willing to pay 2000 pounds onwards to a Hong Kong Tailor for an entry to mid range fabric, the outcome could be just as good, or even better than buying the foreign brands. Why this...
Thats a pretty god in-depth story. On the side note, I have noticed that most if not all my SGP tailoring friends have fencing thighs and like their trousers really slim. Best of luck in your practice in SGP, I suppose you will finish your pupillage before heading back to SGP.
I suggest you not to bother and just enjoy your time in HK and Shanghai.
Hello lads. I have seen very successful results in UK and US's SF meet-ups. I just want to brain storm and see if any Hong Kong members are up for a summer sartorial lunch or dinner? If there are enough guys attending, I am sure we can book a cozy place for our enjoyment. Dates and Venues are still up in the air... any ideas guys?
I am pretty convinced that in Italy they will sell you Drapers, which is to be fair a pretty good brand.
Yes... I will upload picture soon.
Interest Check:- I now have a WW Chan suit to sell, only worn once in the office for its entire life. Cloth is by Dugdale Mohair 10oz range, it drapes like a steel and excellent for day-to-day hardwear. The suit features 3 buttons, fishmouth 3 inch lapels, U-shape waistcoat, double inward pleated trouser. Very thin padded with light roped sleeves. This will be the classic for almost anyone. Size wise, this will fit a regular 39R to 40R. Please let me know if you...
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