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Big congrats on becoming a father very soon, wish you all the joy in a few months time.Although I don't think 4 months is adequate time, I suggest to place your order before July will give Lai adequate time to finish your order before you leave Hong Kong.
Just be warned Lai's waiting list is very long now For new orders.I don't see any real problems on your trousers except some minor shortening. In fact the two suits you posted looks very good to me.I think Lai has a softer look by default, I consider my stuff from other tailor much sharper.Although Lai stuff has slimmer effect. But I find your suit pretty well proportioned.
Actually I am interested in Templeman as now. Can anyone comment his finishes?Because of the spoil's of Japanese bespoke, I don't think I will be happy with JLSJ type sole and welt finish
Well at least I can fall back on Okuyama or Spigola since I have worked with them before. Cleverley just returned to me and price is within my means. Besides west end firms.. what other maker one can think of?
Thx for your wise words.Btw how you rate Foster and Son? I knew they do come to HK previously.
I have sent each of them an email for inquiry.Which will you prefer? I am looking something with a quicker turn out rate and will travel to HK more...I don't want to have fitting each in every 9 months.
BTW guys need some collective thoughts here. As I will be going to London from 2nd to 10th Apr, this time I want to get a pair of gator bespoke done. As I live in Hong Kong, I do need this brand to take up regular HK visit for my fittings. Any suggestions from you guys of where I should go? Price wise I want to keep it around 4500 pounds or less.
Thanks for your kind words. Actually Lai keep forgetting my strong shoulder preference. He seems to prefer his more than mine.Okuyama actually locates in Hong Kong.
Not really. It is the same fabric batch as yours.
Cross post: [[SPOILER]] For my upcoming oversea trip.Cloth: fresco tobacco special run (current version)Shirt and tie: RLPLPS: unbrandedShoes: Masaru Okuyama
New Posts  All Forums: