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I will say his checked A&S jacket managed to highlight almost all his ill-proportioned body shape.The high jacket cut, couple with the shoulder treatment makes his shoulder-line too sloped.The jacket length is probably (to my taste) too short for him thus making his chest too bulked.The collar piece is also too wide (and possibly too long) thus also highlighting his shoulder line in a bad way.Overall, I think A&S cut a soft jacket but should also adopt features of soft...
I am sure at least they hamd finish the pick stitchings and lapel hole.When view them under the MTM aspect, their product is actually pretty good.I suspect it all depends what you are looking after, but I think their cut is not very flattering in the first place.I noted that the cutter had virtually left the coat unbalanced, The back is slight shorter than the front (maybe due to too much back waist tapering)Ironing work is bad as well as they managed to give no shape to...
Why not just save the hassel and find someone you actually trust?
Really the best one you can find are from the B&S thread in this forum.
It is more like a style option. Either one is better than the other depends on one's liking.However I found Mr. C example above is really ugly.
I knew the guy from the photo in life. He is nice bloke practicing medicine in Hong Kong.I believe those suits and jackets are either made in Dream Bespoke, Brown's tailor.I don't think those are from WW Chan or other travelling tailors.
I can tell easily that the aforesaid is not gathered from the deponent himself.
I have not talked to Lai yet but here are my some observations in respect of Lai's service in the future. Since Lai will be very likely to work on his own, that will mean:- 1) Price will probably be slightly lower. 2) Customer may enjoy no mark-up for cloth-inclusive services. 3) Communication can be more direct to Lai. However there will be many drawbacks:- 1) No English assistance 2) Fitting and Measurements had to be done in private areas (e.g. customer's home...
I genuinely do not recall. If you get a chance you can ask him.
Well I can only since I have heard something less concrete, I presume that you are right and more updated.Also with the cheaper price, you cannot expect sale floor service.Tailor's cyanide is often overly-stubborn and demanding customer, being in-call service only will kill of most of them.That means less waiting time for me in future (hopefully).
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