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I am surprise by the quietness of this thread recently.... Is it like no one is making their projects up in Hong Kong?Anyway I will like to share the following baste fitting of my DB blazer x trouser combo (long overdue actually)...The jacket is made up of VBC 8oz hopsack in french navy, surprisingly this VBC has nice colour depth and texture, in my opinion on-par with the Loro Piana choice in my tailor's shop.The trouser is something brand new for me, a current Zegna...
I had a VBC perennial s110 myself.I believe it is a 2x1 twill.However, the performance is good and I don't think it wears quick, obviously not as hard wearing then some English traditional stuff.
We have to give him some credit for being young and relative well groomed.With that outfit, I am sure he will get some compliments. I cannot imagine he will get a "bad tag" in the typical banking industry simply based on his outfit.However his idea of "expensive look" is a bit meh....
BTW how does the sole and the welt looks like?Possible to have any Blind welt on the waist line?
You serious? Masaru now has a MTOservice ?
Haters are going to hateHe did not say this is his first nor only suit.
I think your Tom Ford subtle plaid suit and shirt tie mix looks good.
No I just purchased it from the tailor.Nowadays I rarely CMT unless it is something special.
No just 100% Silk
I have seen Tessitura Di Novara in the Zegna book recently but they are not stubby at all, rather like plain weave fabric in 260 gram.Anyway thank you for the tip and I can refer the question to my tailor.
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