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ha, icic....well at least the cutter sees me yesterday.
When I was in Dream, Ricky and his dad are in house. His dad was looking into my coat in great detail. Sadly, I didnt meet the waistcoat and trouser maker.I have asked Ricky to have an English canvassed coat and waistcoat.Shape should not be a problem since I ask for padded shoulder.
This is the first time I tried another HK tailor. I have always been using Hui to make my stuff in HK.
I am surprised someone will get bad customer service in HK. They do not keep chating with the customer which is actually the best bit about them. sorry to hear that.
Today, I have break my rule and placed an order with Ricky at Dream Bespoke today. Very nice place and I hope Ricky will not find me too annoying.
where I can get one length?
I appreciate your love towards YSL's work, he is certainly one of the top designer ever lived. Except women's dresswear, I can't think of any signature dress-suit design made by YSL, maybe the 30s lapel pants-suit but I don't think that counts. You should have post YSL's women Safari suit, that was a cool take on quasi-men's clothing.
To facilitate the discussion, here is a brief article about 'tailoring v.s. dress making" http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=832
I shall explain myself better in the following manner:-I do not try to dispute the fact that YSL has successfully 'designed' lounge suiting for women. However, his designs are arguably pasting the building blocks for mens tailoring into women's design. Except the 30s lapels and the skinny trousers, I don't see anything that projects a lounge suit, designed and tailored in the women's perspective.If one look hard into a nicely made women's tailored garments, you will see...
... I wouldn't go that far as to say suits are not the norm in the society... Those YSL stuff, although look dashing, lacks the refinement of the original 30s designer e.g. Balenciaga
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