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At the very least I knew my tailor frequently makes denim dress trousers and dress shirts for clients with Zegna cotton. What I have seen was always very good and practical.I guess the typical tailor will not be able to handle the metal trimmings e.g. metal button fly.
I am sure this will soon happens to me as well.I am sorry but even until now I don't see the charm of having a one-piece back given a clean back will be most likely be sacrifice.I agree with that Car should provide better trimmings as I have flagged this up with him a long time ago.Also I find Lai's forward cutting trousers looks odd sometimes as it is not very balance.Currently I am trying to ask Lai to modify his cut to be more balance both at the front and the back.I...
Well done Penfold.I have been told that you still have a number of outsanding orders isn't it?
I have never encounter it myself and I wear them very frequently.
No I did not get my length from their current formal bunch. It is actually their vintage left-overs. I phoned up and aksed them about it.I recall my length has a more refine nap which is very similar to lightweight flannel. The cloth is more catered for cool days suiting (e.g. under 20 degrees C)I have experience with Town classic and Royal classic and they are excellent fabrics. It is prefect for daily wear.
However, you are looking at Cuba many years ago where lightweight clothes are not the norm.I totally concurred with Merino's suggestion, the kid mohair blend is probably as loghtweight and wrinkle resistant it can be, and suitable to current hot weather.But I still think all woll worsted will be more authentic.
That's probably just typical all wool worsted.I brought a length of cream suiting like that fom Dugdale before. 12oz stuff.
Yes no vents and full turnback cuffs
French style DB (hihg collar, concave shoulder, close quarter)Cloth by Harrison Burley All Wool Worsted [[SPOILER]]
Wow Penfold I don't know you have tried so many tailors in Hong Kong. Do you get your shirts made in Ascot Chan or independent shirtmakers?
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