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At least our ancestors were once constructive and telling us something new.
Acutally not much shirts can make a good combo, I have luck with white and blue candy stripe so far.You were in HC for the purpose of giving expert testimony?
Haven't been here for a while, things seem to have changed. Please do not be over-excited and tell everything you knew to everyone. It is plain annoying and silly. Anyway I will like to share my recent odd jacket combo. Jacket is Zegna "Crossply" Wool/Linen/Silk 260g, Trousers same fabric 240g, made by GT as usual. Tie is from Vanda Fine Clothing.
I am currently having two suits made in that fabric...Will be able to asnwer you soon.
Although you asked for kowloon side, it is far safer to get the tubeļ¼Œ head to Central and try WW Chan.
I am sorry to break the news but actually a lot of "horsehair canvass" contains polyester or nylon.
Can someone explain to me why flannel suits in suitable colours are considered "no" for interview? Then why fresco suit are OK for interview? Is this just a silly iGent rule?
I just think flannel at any weight in summer and late spring is 8mpossible to wear. However, I think flannel suits are suitable for interview. Just the same as worsted wool.
But on the other hand, good super-no. or luxury blend mix are a joy to wear.
You naughty boy why waste so much money :-D
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