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My recent pickup, cloth is the Dormeuil Tecnik purchased from Ebay
That DB looks Armani just like America Gigglo
Haha. I mean using up one or two bolts. I currently had 5 suiting lengths in total. All of them are light flannels or 12oz worted.
Currently brainstorming only. Considering a new overcoat and use up 1/2 unfunded liabilities.
First of all I wish everyone a lovely Mid-Autumn Festival ahead. It seems October is just round the corner, is there anyone who are getting their winter stuff ready?
Rather thrilled that someone endorsed my fit had posted my fit pic.
I only hope you are experience enough to deal with a Sifu without the middleman.I also hope that your boss will have reasonable expectation of the outcome.Just a second thought, you sure your boos is not asking you to pay for it instead of him?p.s. Please be considerate and do not post Sifu's contact publicly in future.
I feel sorry for audilover but recommending ur new colleague for work clothing rarely goes well. I suggest you to pay close attention to the stuff (more importantly the quality of it). It can easily be the case that he is acustom to typical RTW clothing. In that case, suggesting real tailors may attract adverse impression and comments.
[quote name="Fishball" url="/t/33568/the-hong-kong-tailors-thread/3390#post_8528675" [[SPOILER]] [/quote]Very nice work Fishball.I notice is that the side taps has a relatively short pulling slide. Do you find them better in long or short?My tailor seems to change side taps length all the time :-PHow does the fabric made up?
The fabric I choose is specific for trousers. Until now I think it held up very well, certainly durable enough for common office wear. In particular it holds up the crease very well and easy to iron.The weight is 240gms.My tailor actually recommend me to use the same trouser fabric for a jacket thus making a suit out form it.
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