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Wow Penfold I don't know you have tried so many tailors in Hong Kong. Do you get your shirts made in Ascot Chan or independent shirtmakers?
Thanks Penfold and I hope you and yuor wife will enjoy the rest of the months in Hong Kong. The shirting groupbuy had been organised by Tom and Jason in Car's group for a long time. I don't know whether it is a monthly rrgular order or not. I am sure Car will know all about it.
Thanks for your help Penfold. I brought some obligatory buttons for Mr Hui instead.BTW are those shirting fabrics from the crazy group buy? Nice jacketing BTW.
BTW guys anyone know where I can buy buttons and nice linings in London? I will also prefer if re-ordering over the internet is possible. Thanks guys
People often like nice stuff and thats why craftsmanships are preserved for years. To be fair anything can be an investment if such has suddenly become in demand. At least one can physically enjoy weatable stuff... even intangible things can be very expensive for no particular purpose. At the end of day, people like nice things and are always willing to pat for them if it is within their means.
I will be very surprised if a decent tailor will attach the canvass fully during the first fitting. This will mean the tailor did not take into account the body of the wearer at all.I don't think so. Money is too low and the time is too short. Unless you are willing to wait.
Nice find man!
Bloody hell @Penfold that's a lot of place to visit in one day. Btw on WW Chan' fitting next round, better to ask for both sleeves for the baste fitting for a better look. Also look for collars that sits too low on the neck, being loose to the collar and showing too much shirts.
Just to add up...There are various ways to machine padded the chest, there is a way to create the dynamic shape even with machines. However, some coatmakers use the 'standard' method and the coat often needs more wearing to give the chest your shape.Jeff's blog nowadays focuses in CAD technology information and moved away from his previous dissection topics.Actaully I met Penfold today, a nice chap. I want to say to him that in future lookout in the shoulder-chest area for...
As a lawyer one should know there is no "hard and fast" rule.I suggest to you that you should read some men's magazine (e.g. Men's ex, the Rake, Leon) to get a general feel of what you are looking for.Start from that point, you can probably answer a lot of your queries.
New Posts  All Forums: