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My new purchase, my first AP
I wouldnt be so OTT about it. I am not sure where GG stock their hatchgrain. Not only AA crack has it. I brought 2 pieces of AA crack Hatchgrain to Mr. Okuyama and he likes the leather and comment on the finish. I believe faulty hatchgrain comes from overdose renomat.
If you always wear jeans and polo/shirt combo. I suggest you to get a few linen and gingham shirts for your trip. Do not bother to re-create your wardrobe. Have fun in your trip.
Haha... I do find less fitting problems when I go to my usual tailor.Hope your stuff will turn out great.
Those C&J single monk is very nice.
I am working with them for an odd jacket. I find they are decent tailors but you have to be good at spotting problems in fitting. You have to know you stuff to step into Dream
Actually nice and dry linen, the old ones from Ireland, behaves different from your typical W Bill.May be I should change my words... Fresco does crease, although it goes back quickly, you can still see suble crease marks even it becomes 'flat'The way fresco behaves is similar to my old unknown Irish Linen. It is even tighter and drier than Modern offers. Although I will say the linen makes more lines.Have you tried lighter shade fresco PatrickBooth?P&B Universal is...
Haha PatickBooth... I wear my 9oz fresco in Hong Kong summer. I find they behave like a heavy dry linen. The crease is shread back, but you can see the lines. I will rather try another mill for their high twist cloth. Therefore, I think fresco like can never replace classic all woll worsted suit.
After trying both fresco from H&S, Smith, JJ Minnis, I find their quality can be improved.JJ Minnis' 9-10oz crease relatively easily, it can still look 'potato sack' after a long day.Smith's fresco is generally weaved too densely for summer.H&S's fresco is too lightweight.All heavy fresco (13-14oz) has very few colours.I generally find vintage fresco from Dormeuil behaves much better.I think a stylefroum version of LL Brisa, 12-13oz hopsack, will be prefect.
These posts have triggered my thoughts.Instead of having SF's blazer frabrics (e.g.barleycorn tweed, Huntmans check tweed), I think the forum will benefit more if we can create a regular seasonal offering of 11-12oz fresco like suiting range (perhaps a lighter Mistral), in various designs in each seasonal offer (e.g. plain business colour in September - December; summer bright in March - June).This should obtain the member's interest more (hence easier to talk to weavers)...
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