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No outstanding orders with Lai because of his schedule.
Actaully I heard about his project at least 1year ago.So he actaully already came a long way.
I might get into the territory of 6 outside flap pockets soon :-pO just forgot with YKK metal zips as well.
I think for women, they probably will like the offerings of Ariston and Drapers with the vibrant colours. I also think women tend to like lighter weight fabrics. Btw the cut of the coat looks really long, it probably only works on heels.
I believe you are referring the pic when part of the coat is lay on the bench chair.That is actually the outside flap pocket. The interal pockets are typical stuff.
@hifilover No the cloth is ordered via the shop. Frankly I don't really do CMT nowadays for lightweight stuff and I rather spend the time for cloth-hunting to earn more money.
I went pass to my tailor today and I found this jacket which the coatmaker is making it up himself. Apparently he is making a Zegna Wool-Cashmere blend odd jacket for himself for the upcoming cold days in Hong Kong. Upon my examination of the jigsaw pieces, I find the below pictures show a very informative message for illustrating how non-fused hand canvassed looks like (in there way). [[SPOILER]] One can see a good amount of parts are attached by hand. Without the extra...
I just tried to write something very length but I decided to keep it more simple.Mr.C sough to make an internet-approved bespoke garments, not something that necessary look nice on him.Again, that charcoal grey DB by A&S
I will say his checked A&S jacket managed to highlight almost all his ill-proportioned body shape.The high jacket cut, couple with the shoulder treatment makes his shoulder-line too sloped.The jacket length is probably (to my taste) too short for him thus making his chest too bulked.The collar piece is also too wide (and possibly too long) thus also highlighting his shoulder line in a bad way.Overall, I think A&S cut a soft jacket but should also adopt features of soft...
I am sure at least they hamd finish the pick stitchings and lapel hole.When view them under the MTM aspect, their product is actually pretty good.I suspect it all depends what you are looking after, but I think their cut is not very flattering in the first place.I noted that the cutter had virtually left the coat unbalanced, The back is slight shorter than the front (maybe due to too much back waist tapering)Ironing work is bad as well as they managed to give no shape to...
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