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You know that I am flattered GBR thank you for your confidence.
Almost forgot this... I recently had made an order with WW Chan last weekend. Are people generally interested for me to take some pictures in regard to my experience? As per my usual taste, I specifically ask Arnold and his colleagues to make me a very firm shoulder and old school vibe cut. Just for joke, it is priceless to see that young gent, while taking my order and specification, was when I told him that "ensure you put more shoulder padding and roping then your...
In respect of ii), The person working with Lai can commute in English adequately. I suspect if you do some general research and discuss with him, it probably will work. I am aware that Lai had many non-chinese speaking customer and they all seems doing alright so I have reason to suspect the contrary.I don't think Chan can turn out a well made in one month.I have never try BnTailor but have seen many of their products, price wise is slightly more than Chan as I have been...
I will shy away from Chan for your "first and only" good suit, since I have not seen any impressive Chan's stuff for a very long time.I suggest if you are willing to pay your stated price, wait for BnTailor for their truck show in Hong Kong. If you like their style, that will be a good choice.Otherwise, I have used Lai sifu for a good amount of time and I will strongly recommend him, that is if you are willing to travel to non-CBD part of Hong Kong for your...
Depends what you are looking for. Both are really good choice.However, Tonik 2000 do have a slight luxe feel.
That is a very nice pair of trouser as well.
I do not own this. I hope one member in here will not mind as I ask Car for some pictures.I think those are off white flannel from Fox Brothers. I suspect the owner made CMT with them.I am also now having something made by Lai. This time will be dramatically different from Lai's usual stuff.
Well I understand "you get what you paid", but at least you have to admit these are pretty amazing for replicatesAs I reiterate, I only say Fatboy can "copy" them in a less costly bargain. [[SPOILER]]
If you have seen fatboy's quasi-Ambrosi trouser.... you will be impressed.Beside fit which is more dependent to the shape and taste, the workmanship is at a different level.Obviously that is if you pay Fatboy extra money to make it.
You are probably mistaken.I have confirmed with Car and the fatboy (which you probably know as well) can acutally replicate 100% Ambrosi workmanship.The replication contained, inter alia, the followings:1)Triple curtain waistband2)Hand tag on all pleats and pockets3)Full on hand stitching in all attachment areas3)Side seam of trouser also hand stitched4)Button Cuff5)Two internal lock button and four button fly6)all hand sewn buttonholes7)Light and stiff waistband canvassI...
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