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Hello lads. I have seen very successful results in UK and US's SF meet-ups. I just want to brain storm and see if any Hong Kong members are up for a summer sartorial lunch or dinner? If there are enough guys attending, I am sure we can book a cozy place for our enjoyment. Dates and Venues are still up in the air... any ideas guys?
I am pretty convinced that in Italy they will sell you Drapers, which is to be fair a pretty good brand.
Yes... I will upload picture soon.
Interest Check:- I now have a WW Chan suit to sell, only worn once in the office for its entire life. Cloth is by Dugdale Mohair 10oz range, it drapes like a steel and excellent for day-to-day hardwear. The suit features 3 buttons, fishmouth 3 inch lapels, U-shape waistcoat, double inward pleated trouser. Very thin padded with light roped sleeves. This will be the classic for almost anyone. Size wise, this will fit a regular 39R to 40R. Please let me know if you...
HAHA you never know.... especially when it is a young mid 20s to mid 30s men wearing them.Probably will also help the positive comment if he also has a maserati quattroporte GTS...".....Woo what a lovable handsome family man, totally will fancy a dinner with him..."
Given tux is something one dont often replace (unless weight changes), I honestly think tux is always worth to get it bespoke rather than regret it later. Further tux has a more confined design features, so a clueness customer (and I think OP aint one of them) can't really go too wrong with it. Fit wise, some common sense will do, it is not rocket science.
They should have a column on iGent look (e.g. Smalto / A&S / Rubinacci suit, plain colour shirt, boring Grenadine tie, White PS, Cleverley Bespoke Pig-skin loafer). What they comment on are all very edgy, of course the general female consensus will be against it.
I think you should just bite the bullet and get a bespoke dinner suit (granted with good weight and respectable fabric). For example, my bespoke tux in old Dormeuil Tonik is pretty much indestructible and had last for 4-5 years without showing much of wear. Also using Savile Row for dinner suit has the advantage to choice a wide range of silk facing which makes your garment truly special. On the other hand, I have seen too many MTM operation making a dinner jacket as...
I think lapped seams are merely for the look. Without it a tailor can still create the prefect sleeve pitches and so on.However, recently I have used a different non domestic sleeve lining which is stiffer. I find that on lightweight fabrics it seems to force the sleeve to retain its shape quicker.I also realise it is very important to have your lightweight suits to be tailor pressed every now and then.
I pick a standard VBC Super 110 book. Lining back in same colour.
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