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From the photos, this is literally a 'bespoke' shoe isn't it... I wonder if I sent my last to them what will happened.....
This is an excellent interview. Thanks Claghorn.
It depends where your tailor located.....In the Western world, it is easy since that's what they use.However in Hong Kong, new tailor shops often don't have English canvass.
The for the clarification.I mean asking swatches from the trimmings merchant e.g. RichardJamesWeldon or Dugdale.I believe Dugdale are slightly cheaper. I am not sure which are more willing to do with retail orders.
For cream suiting, go for traditional all wool worsted for the ultimate clean drape look. I have used Dugdale Formal range before and I am very happy with it. Linen and silk mix sounds pretty good as well.
To add on that, canvass have different weight so it all depends on the fabric used on the garment.according to Mr. Fishball, it is better to ask them for a swatch and ask the cutter what to use.
Saying Classic car had been promoting Lai sifu is so overkill. I don't even think car had posted a single picture of Lai's craftsmanship.
I have no idea. They have around 10 different canvasses as far as I know. The one Hui uses on mine feels stiff and English-like.I will ask him on that point.
I have clarify the canvass origin with Ricky about two days ago. Before I see this post, I have been tipped by a close friend on the same matter.Although He did not tell me the origin of their default canvass, but canvass from RichardJamesWeldon cost HK$200 extra in each coat. Perhaps Ricky has made a 'special default' for you.He kept silent on whether RJW canvass will be used on the waistcoat, I presumed he will. I shall ask him upon baste fitting.
There is no particular reason really.
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