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Although you asked for kowloon side, it is far safer to get the tubeļ¼Œ head to Central and try WW Chan.
I am sorry to break the news but actually a lot of "horsehair canvass" contains polyester or nylon.
Can someone explain to me why flannel suits in suitable colours are considered "no" for interview? Then why fresco suit are OK for interview? Is this just a silly iGent rule?
I just think flannel at any weight in summer and late spring is 8mpossible to wear. However, I think flannel suits are suitable for interview. Just the same as worsted wool.
But on the other hand, good super-no. or luxury blend mix are a joy to wear.
You naughty boy why waste so much money :-D
Thanks @klp2332 for this extensive review on Ng Sifu.... very good work.
I generally think a "silhoutte" is achieved by cutter following your body with his personal taste on tight/loose. Therefore a "silhoutte" should be unique.Concentrate during the fitting so you can ask tailor any questions, or answering tailors' question to you properly.I have seen few people just mumble rubbish when the tailor ask them questions in respect of the design of the baste fitting. Actually, they do have specific reference but failed to communicate properly.I...
Most probably Chittleborough & Morgan will be more too your taste. Two things to note:- 1) In order to get the chest and shoulder cut you want, the best way is to actively ask questions to the fitter, and do not day-dream in fitting. 2) Trust your eye rather than what blogger tells you.
After looking at some posts herein, I slam my face when I see people are so determined to find the "cheapest deal" that provides top end results. Besides labour costs (which locals have never really appreciated), good trimmings do cost a lot of money. I am confident to say that if people are willing to pay 2000 pounds onwards to a Hong Kong Tailor for an entry to mid range fabric, the outcome could be just as good, or even better than buying the foreign brands. Why this...
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