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O dear I am starting to forget things. Sorry for prompting you in a bad light previously.So you still have not decide on your next commission? I will say if you are definitely a fan of Lai's cut (I mean the general one not the one Lai cuts for me with more chest and shoulders), I think you will find the handwork and the fit of WW Chan very good.However, be noted that I find their cut is very industrialize and not very personal. However I am sure mass of people would like...
After seeing those photos, I am assured that even those decorative stitches are made by machine no doubt.@seferphier are you a vendor? Your post smells of advertisement.
I rather wished you will acknowledge your rudeness. Nevermind.
Can you stop asking people to try all tailors in Hong Kong so you can get a holistic view? You realise this is an act with zero courtesy?
I will be very interested in those Ningbo tailors. I wonder how they would define 'top SR standard' given I have so many failures.
@seferphier Have you tried SuitAccess before? I believe their client base is relatively large and I am always interested to see client's commission. I am sorry to know your experience with Lai and Grand tailor. Please tell us more so I can revert back the relevant authority.
I am sorry BigBigJohnny. My bad for the wrongful accusation.
Quoted for suspicious user account.
They have some decent stuff. I recall the 'P' line are actually fine for regular use.
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