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Yes I think it will be fine as long as you pick one above 9oz
@Isolation very well said! There are some good analysis there. Based on OP's request, and in my own experiences, male workers nowadays rarely obliged to wear a suit and tie everyday. Most people either wear streetwear or trouser+shirt to work. Therefore, I just find for the average to get nicely made shirt (with suitable fabric for the weather, not necessarily the fine but non-breathable stuff) and good trouser (with fabrics which irons wear, will not get worsted on the...
I think with that budget it is better to skip the suit for next time, and to use those money to buy good shirts and odd trousers instead. Frankly your budget is too cheap to get any decent looking stuff, if you are getting that much.
Do you have very long legs?I can see your jacket's button is at your natural waist, and your trousers wears rather low.
I don't think it is just a simple crotch recut... do you have a extra thin tights and ass? Do you stand very straight normally?
You should try my local tailor.But hey... Your waist changes few times in a year :-D
Realistically, I think stick with WW Chan is the best bet on craftsmanship and your travel habits. It is close to impossible to get the "prefect" suit without a good clue of what you like in terms of fit / make and works for you, the benefit of going to WW Chan is that you have the best chance to have an "adequate" first bespoke which you will actually wears in the long run. The worst pain for me is to work with a new tailor, tried your best, and got a suit which...
Loro Piana and H&S do have some excellent stuff in the high end. But they are really expensive.I have used VBC Revenge s140 and Zegna 15milmil15 for my working suits, and I really like the sensation that comes with it.I also agree with Reeves that Dormeuil Tonik is a fine choice, as long as you don't mind something a little hard.
I think the tecnik is more suitable to Hong Kong three seasons. It is definitely not a pure tropical cloth, it does feel pretty heavy even at 9 oz. Edited: Just worn the suit for a whole day, I can attest to its crease-resistant abilities.
For all purposes the first suit should either be in charcoal or navy. If you are only going to wear it less than 10 times per year (I doubt most will need to wear a suit for dates), I suggest you to get Italian luxury fabrics (e.g. High-end VBC or milmil from Zegna) because it will be durable enough.
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