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I think you should just bite the bullet and get a bespoke dinner suit (granted with good weight and respectable fabric). For example, my bespoke tux in old Dormeuil Tonik is pretty much indestructible and had last for 4-5 years without showing much of wear. Also using Savile Row for dinner suit has the advantage to choice a wide range of silk facing which makes your garment truly special. On the other hand, I have seen too many MTM operation making a dinner jacket as...
I think lapped seams are merely for the look. Without it a tailor can still create the prefect sleeve pitches and so on.However, recently I have used a different non domestic sleeve lining which is stiffer. I find that on lightweight fabrics it seems to force the sleeve to retain its shape quicker.I also realise it is very important to have your lightweight suits to be tailor pressed every now and then.
I pick a standard VBC Super 110 book. Lining back in same colour.
I just browse through The Merchant Fox website. I am astonished by the cut length price of their flannel. There are so many other choices of business flannel suiting fabrics , in virtually the same colour, in a much more reasonable price.
To be honest, I can't imagine someone that keen will not book a overnight stay in Tokyo and spend another amount of time for an authentic Japanese bespoke suit.
You should try one. I just got a beige DB waistcoat made up and it works very well with my dark rope stripe suit in a cool office day (which will be rarer in the next month).
As long as waistcoat can get laid haha.
Best idea is just to enjoy your intership and time in Hong Kong.
Thank you for your kind words @NicoHK I have no personal experience with Gordan Yao but have indeed seen some garments made by them (few 6-7 years old suit and not recently made). Those old ones are decent (I don't particular like their sleeve attachment method but nonetheless fits the wearer well), everything else are great (just boring cut although I also consider my suits boring as well) Gordan Yao's has some old-school hand-work (do not confuse with the overall pick...
My experience with WW Chan is on the contrary, I also tried to make a "standard strong shoulder" suit to no avail. At the end, the suit gets little to no use.As far as the quote above, I am pretty sure Gordan Yao will charges pretty much the same as Ascot Chan Bespoke.Have a look in the shops as mentioned by members here will be useful.
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