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Whilst I do agree with Meermin's QC issue, I confess that Loake and AE probably have the same problem, if not at the same level. Insofar as I can attest, my Meermin bottom line classic range do performs well.
I will generally perfer meermin in that price range.
I tried the exact model from the Arcade shop.... I can attest the quality of this item. In fact it is my size
I still think Lesser makes better bread and butter lightweights.However, I don't think Dugdale's mid weight ranges are in anyway inferior than Lesser.In fact, I find midweight lesser too dry and too boring, and it performance is just the same as dugdale.
As long as it falls under 16 degrees, baby.thanks for your kind words.It depends what you are looking for.
I strongly suggested Dugdale's royal classic range "9725" Traditional Prince of Wales with Blue OvercheckReference:http://www.dugdalebros.com/online-shop/royal-classic-bunch-130/I have a garment made with the same cloth it performs very well as a 12-13oz fabric, as a practical choice for Western 3 season fabric.
Yes it features a midnight navy velvet collar.Thanks for your kind word Nioh
The fabric is weaved by Bower Roebuck.
Haha I worn causal clothes for my fitting.... I understand that this coat will be better with jackets and trousers.The coat is about 600grams. It is seriously soft and heavy.
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