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Not the ones I brought from T&A, they don't dry up quickly, plus they wear hot for me.I have not try to purchase Sea Island cotton in Hong Kong.
There was no problem with them, I just pick the wrong fabrics with my T&A shirts as they were purchased when I was in living in UK.No chance I am wearing densely woven twills, oxford, or even sea island cotton again in Hong Kong.
At least we are not arbitrarily driving him to get Maserati or Porsche in his first round!We are just driving him to get a Vellfire. Although it is not the cheapest, but at least you will appreciate its quality even when you choose to move to Maserati or Porsche in the future.
I hope I will see more leaked pictures of this gentleman in the future. I would like to see how his suits fits on people and not on dummies.I like the slightly firm English structure from the Japanese.
Actually picking the right shirt fabric and cut matters a lot if you are going to use them in tropical climate.I used to live in a western climate and frankly any cheap twill and low poly mix shirts will not be uncomfortable. Since it will be true that you will always have your jacket on and almost never sweat in outdoor.However, if you live in a place like in Hong Kong, it is vital to choose fabrics which drys-up quickly and reasonably breathable. I have got rid of all my...
Yes I think it will be fine as long as you pick one above 9oz
@Isolation very well said! There are some good analysis there. Based on OP's request, and in my own experiences, male workers nowadays rarely obliged to wear a suit and tie everyday. Most people either wear streetwear or trouser+shirt to work. Therefore, I just find for the average to get nicely made shirt (with suitable fabric for the weather, not necessarily the fine but non-breathable stuff) and good trouser (with fabrics which irons wear, will not get worsted on the...
I think with that budget it is better to skip the suit for next time, and to use those money to buy good shirts and odd trousers instead. Frankly your budget is too cheap to get any decent looking stuff, if you are getting that much.
Do you have very long legs?I can see your jacket's button is at your natural waist, and your trousers wears rather low.
I don't think it is just a simple crotch recut... do you have a extra thin tights and ass? Do you stand very straight normally?
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