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I think in this case bringing it to the shirtmaker will be fine.Why try to be clever to do shrinkage yourself?
Edward Sexton, no doubt. Especially if you want a fashionable tailor, not a fashion stylist.
I actually think a burgundy blazer can be really nice, especially if it is a well made, single breasted and nice trimmings.I have turn ups on my suit and blazer sleeves regularly.Where are you going to get your pagoda shoulder?
Same here....Mr. Okuyama also had asked me how they did the finish...
Seriously how special is a peaked lapel pinstripe suit? 5"8 - 5"9 isnt even that short, stop complaining.
I am helping my friend to sell his unused odd jackets. This jacket has a drape fit, good for UK38S to 40S Feel free to drop me a pm for shipment and cost. Details 1. No padding on shoulder 2. Waterfall sleevehead 3. True 3 roll 2 4. Half lining 5. Working cuff 6. dual vents 7. fully canvassed 8. Genuine Loro PIana Tasmanan s130 all wool Measurements Shoulder: 18" Length: 29" Chest: 41" Waist: 37" Sleeves: 23" NOTE: no interior pocket Flickr 上 CHA-K 的...
There was a wardrobe cleaning since I had gain a few weights. The following items no longer fits me well so I hope they find a good home. Details: 1. Dual vents 2. Slim cut jackets 3. All full Floating canvass (handstitched) 4. Alteration friendly 5. side taps trousers + small fishtail back 6. soft shoulder (HK) + classic shoulder (Savile Row) 7. Savile Row stuff cut by the famous John McCabe. 8. Features Finmersco and William Halstead fabrics 9. 2 items with...
I really want to know how good their bespoke operation is....
I think he uses the mid grey and shocking blue weft mix tonik
How long is the dark blue?
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