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I really like the addition of the orange tongue, different but not too out there!
They are super comfy, they're made on the 110 last so it suits my fat foot! I have started with the oxfords but will have to get the boots as well I think. They've both got an unstructured toe which I really like. Different to most other Vibergs I've seen due to the addition of the a bit of colour. Highly recommended!
I'm a fan of that sole unit on the Bureau Scout Boots.
What are everyone's thoughts on the Scout boot and 145 Oxford that Up There Store did? Just in case the pics don't work-      
Ps. I'm currently rockin around in a pair of Blutcher Kilties in Red and also a pair of the Multi-coloured surfer Mocs.....swear by them, definatly great buys.
If anyone in Australia is looking for a stockist of these- keep an eye on Although we (Up There Store) are not opening until September we just received our first lot of Yuketens and they are amazing....mainly Camper and Canoe Mocs for now, with a few Chukka boots We will also have an online store launching in September for everyone International. Worth a look is their clothing label Monitaly which is of equal quality and dopeness!
Just for all you cats in Australia that like Clarks.... Up There Store in Melbourne will be sole stockist once it's open in September....there will be an online shop as well.....check it-
Thought style forum was missing something- There are a lot of stores people dont know about in Australia which stock amazing brands and also local designers that havnt made it big yet. Post a store or designer which you rekon deserves some lovin!! I am based in melbourne and a few well known ones are- whos in house label is pretty dope A new store which hasnt opened yet but is well worth checkin out is Up...
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