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This is a great thread. There is a lot of great advice. I have tried to quit several times but have not been successful. I have cut back significantly by drinking less and not going to bars unless I'm seeing a band. It is very difficult to be around other smokers so I try to avoid them as well. Another thing I do to help me smoke less is I roll my own cigs. Not only does it take longer to smoke because you have to roll the cig before you can light up, I also neglect to...
Definitely grow it out a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Tilapia is the light beer of the fish world. It really doesn't taste like anything. Try that out first. Well said! Tilapia is one of the least fishy fish. Try it with parm, lemon, tomatoes and simple seasonings. Yum!
I'm not really a beer snob, but I prefer domestic craft beers. IPAs are probably my fav. However, my default beer is Yuengling with Sam Adams in close second.
Try P90x. Most of the after pictures I have seen the guys look ripped, but very lean. Whatever path you take will require a lot of discipline.
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