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I have a Donegal in a 50 , i posted some photo's in this thread , i probably could have got away with a 48 but i wanted to be able to wear a cardigan or a jumper under it , PM if you want more info.
Don't know if this will help as i don't know where you live , if your in the UK you could visit the Cheaney factory i did and picked up a pair that i belive are made by Cheaney for Herring shoes i paid £190 and they are beautiful , these are my only quality shoe so i cant comment as to there ranking with other makes . These are the shoes . http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=2997
Thankyou js4design just found the restaurant on google maps Cheers
Less of the older gentlemen I'm only 25 (hard life) joking coming up to 60 . I'm a bit late to the party as regards style not to mention Nigel Cabourn clothes but I'm learning with the help of this great forum . I'm hoping to add a Cabourn shirt and sweater in the future , thanks all who took the trouble to reply .
Thanks seer for your generous comment
My first Nigel Cabourn item the Donegal Army Jacket love it. Shoes are Joseph Cheaney and the rest is Massimo Dutti .
Found a link to it looks good thanks Clemson Man http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.com/2011/10/ristorante-del-fagioli-florence.html
Will be in Venice & Florence this October can anybody recommend some restaurants worthy of a visit ? need one for a special anniversary meal.
My wife and i a planning a trip to Venice and Florence in October , four days in each City , budget for Hotels Florence € 400 to 600 and Venice €900 to 1300 as it doesn't seem possible to do hotels cheap in Venice any recommendations would be appreciated. These are the ones i found from a search on this forum...
I bought the Donegal Business jacket from Trunk in the sale my first Cabourn absolutely love it very warm . good communication from Trunk answered all my emails would use again .
New Posts  All Forums: