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good looking jacket but it looks a size small from her...
Here's a vote for black with a gum sole.Restock of the Western print penny would be a robocop.
what is this, the epaulet thread?
Mikey an XS unless he up and gained 60 lbs
I never thought I'd say it, but I think the expedition has a pocket too many. As pieces roll in to stockists, I am seeing more and more I want
Suggesting c4est as the likely person to try outre shit is just as bad as in 2011 when any weird print was suggested as a brad-t cop.
yep. esp. the high gussets on 19c shirts, just deal with it. put on an undershirt
holy shit the noragi. way better than I imagined in my head and probably will cop.
Really nice EG staple in Size L, $170 down from $500. I own this and it's a great piece. http://gentrynyc.com/collections/sale/products/eg-field-shirt-jacket
Great write up as always. I've been wanting some Monitaly for a couple years, maybe this fall is the season. FYI, link to stockists is dead.
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