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Hi All, Prices include tracked CONUS USPS priority shipping and paypal fees. Please look at measurements carefully. Unable to do returns, sorry. Will ship within 24-48 hours of paypal and send you tracking SS14 Engineered Garments Reversible Bucket Hat Size L Dope light hat for summer! Purchased new from Context. Made in the USA 100% Cotton Reversible with tag removed Size L measures 9" across
man, I wish the bureau would include fit pics, they buy sooo much eg and they make all of it look like a box in their product pictures.
I know we've been over this before, but what no wonder B + S moves slow, people are straight tripping with their asking prices.
+1Gary, was in Boston for the marathon staying around the corner from you but I didn't have a chance to pop-in, such a bummer! Next time.
oyy I wish this was a medium.
doesn't matter he's just spamming:foo:
I want to be Gary when I grow up and acquire some class.
that particular western patchwork is awesome, not a western shirt guy unfortunately.
yikes spot on
I would happily take 5-6 of the printed bedfords and bakers this season, but thats not happening :/
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