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ahh of course, I should sell the andover and buy a foulard suit and navy cinch pants as well. Capital idea!
whelp, looks like I'm on the hunt for those polka dot ghurka shorts, and a full eg summer suit, then.
You are the MAN gary! New dumb questions: Anyone handled the Mil Short? Looks awesome but pricy! Any idea what fabrics it is available in o who might have picked it up? Secondly, I need to test the historical knowledge of the forum---was there a pant that matched the SS12 Polka dotted andover? I know there was a ghurka short and would like to complete the short suit at some point, but I really need the pant more..
Does anyone (Gary, timbo?) know if the cinch pant will be available in navy w/ polka dots? or any full-length pant in that fabric?
I wanted the primaloft vest in that fabric so bad
I've got to call spammy shenanigans on El Argentino being in the lead of that poll. Not one of the top 5 fits in there.
Mike, (when you have a chance) are there still plans for a washed university stripe oxford from EPLA? Thanks!
Tickets to see thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Band in April. Haven't seen them in 10 years. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
sweatshirts look good, not too heritage-y which is nice. Will check them out when the jean restock hits Manhattan next week, I need new jeans badly.
That single 5b is begging to be made up in a winter weight wool.
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