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yep. esp. the high gussets on 19c shirts, just deal with it. put on an undershirt
holy shit the noragi. way better than I imagined in my head and probably will cop.
Really nice EG staple in Size L, $170 down from $500. I own this and it's a great piece. http://gentrynyc.com/collections/sale/products/eg-field-shirt-jacket
Great write up as always. I've been wanting some Monitaly for a couple years, maybe this fall is the season. FYI, link to stockists is dead.
I'll be the 4th then.
spring Bedford for a song.
ahh of course, I should sell the andover and buy a foulard suit and navy cinch pants as well. Capital idea!
whelp, looks like I'm on the hunt for those polka dot ghurka shorts, and a full eg summer suit, then.
You are the MAN gary! New dumb questions: Anyone handled the Mil Short? Looks awesome but pricy! Any idea what fabrics it is available in o who might have picked it up? Secondly, I need to test the historical knowledge of the forum---was there a pant that matched the SS12 Polka dotted andover? I know there was a ghurka short and would like to complete the short suit at some point, but I really need the pant more..
Does anyone (Gary, timbo?) know if the cinch pant will be available in navy w/ polka dots? or any full-length pant in that fabric?
New Posts  All Forums: