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Looking to trade my favorite winter jacket, EG Olive Wool Cruiser size Medium. Looking for another cruiser or good heavy winter coats in size Small. Show me what you got! Interested in all makes and colorways.
Drives me crazy when I see a good fit with that FW11 Cruiser, I own it and it's a size big, never looks that good on me !
For Spring they have short sleeves. Still called the Lafayette Shirt. A Summer weight in long sleeves would be cool though. It's been a few seasons since they've run up either.I've always wanted this one but haven't seen it pop up:
It is a reoccurring style called the Lafayette Shirt.
How do we feel about these? Releasing Friday in store.
murgh every season that the XS Penn Shirt Jacket is in that photo album I get excited before I see that it's XS :/
meta shirt!
/ wrong thread
Super cool but needs baggier pants!
Real quick, SS15 Chauncey shirt, Needles Zip V-Neck Jacket, or whatever they call it.
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