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For Spring they have short sleeves. Still called the Lafayette Shirt. A Summer weight in long sleeves would be cool though. It's been a few seasons since they've run up either.I've always wanted this one but haven't seen it pop up:
It is a reoccurring style called the Lafayette Shirt.
How do we feel about these? Releasing Friday in store.
murgh every season that the XS Penn Shirt Jacket is in that photo album I get excited before I see that it's XS :/
meta shirt!
/ wrong thread
Super cool but needs baggier pants!
Real quick, SS15 Chauncey shirt, Needles Zip V-Neck Jacket, or whatever they call it.
Sounds like it rolled off the line with some extra wabi sabi. Enjoy.
I've got that one! Used to remember which season, I think it's SS09 or SS10? Still fun to wear.
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