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nehru vest is fucking perfect
Quick quick shot of ss13 field jacket, also a fw14 flannel under there somewhere.
Just going to leave here--I'm always looking for the SS11 (or was it SS12) peacock printed stuff--Baker in M/L, Cambridge Shorts in M/32 or 34, the vest, the popover in M, etc. Have lots of M stuff from different seasons to trade or $$$$
Of each colorway. 5 pairs max.
They had a solid lineup (~30 ppl) at noon, and basically everyone was copping multiple pairs. Would be really surprised for anything but dregs (in terms of sizing) to make it to phone orders on Monday. Got mah blacks and blues!
Hey Mike and other Americana experts, Recommend a good source for a replacement canvas strap for a canvas briefcase? Not strictly epaulet related but I'm a longtime customer and I think someone in here probably has the expertise. Thanks!
Really doubt that Gustin cares what you think is poor taste. Also, fact is Gustin is after a different customer than EG.
Yeah, all clothes are beater clothes. I guess what I mean is I try to buy clothes that suit my lifestyle and wear them while I live. If they don't suit me, I don't buy em.
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