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Can anyone help me out with a recommendation for a NYC tailor for the following? I have a Band of Outsiders shirt that fits me pretty well. I would like to find a tailor that has a nice selection of fabrics that I can take this shirt to to have them create a new shirt based on this shirt but with a few modifications (an inch here, an inch there, etc. Anyone had something like this done in the NYC area with good results? Ideally I'd find a place that can get the shirt...
Just dropped the price for $300 to $260 (shipping included to anywhere US). I won't sell em for lower than this, so someone grab em quick! Just been sitting in my closet.
Post Soak Measurements: Measuring around the top lip of the inside of the waist: 31 inches Inseam: 38" Leg opening: 7.25" across So apparently the only shrinking that happened in the soak happened in the leg opening... though that difference could be due to me and Self Edge measuring slightly different. Anyway, guess I didn't use hot enough water on the soak, heh.
Bought these new from Self Edge a while back and they've been sitting in my closet since. When I first got them I gave them a 45 minute hot soak in standard hot bath water. Tried them on after that and decided they weren't for me. Other than me trying them on, they've never been worn. If you're interested, let me know. $300 $260. The Jeans on Selfedge:
Sorry for the old bump, but I'm still looking for a pair of these. Willing to pay $250 for a used pair in size 9 and good condition.
Looking to buy a paire of the Sorel x Concepts 1964 Premium CC in a size 9 (9.5 might work). Hit me up if you're looking to sell. Willing to pay full price for used.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 A shirt that fits perfect when new will be too small after wash. Neck will be tighter, sleeve shorter, and overall length even shorter. Do you have a large GI Joe action figure that can use the shirt? Unfortunately GI Joe's wear one size larger than me.
I just got my first band of outsiders oxford button up and it fits perfect (size XS), though I wouldn't mind the shirt being an inch longer. Anyway, my concern with the shirt is washing it and shrinkage. I was curious if anyone had any experience with how much BoO oxford shirts shrink. I'm afraid I may have to Dry Clean Only this shirt, but that got me wondering if buying up to a size small and shrinking that down in the wash would be a good idea. Anyone have any...
I saw a guy yesterday wearing a pair of boat shoes that had no laces. They were brown with white and the top was just smooth and flat. No laces and no extra panels for eyelets or anything like that. Didn't have a chance to ask where he got em. Anyone know? Perhaps they'd be classified as driving shoes? not sure.
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