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The shirt (which ticks all the traditional boxes, single cuffs, 2 stud holes, etc.) comes with a small wing collar, but it's broadcloth. I can't think of a single maker that makes a pique wing collar, even on attached collar shirts. Even eBay auctions only yield plain collars. You may call around to English shirtmakers and inquire as to their thoughts on which fabric the collar should be. I vaguely recall Alexander Kabbaz saying "good luck" to someone looking for a...
Where do you see that it's in poor condition or fake? It looks like a real Brioni and doesn't seem to be too much the worse for wear.I also don't see why people think it's so dated just because of double pleats. The gorge height is fine and we don't know anything about the cut unless we see it on the wearer. The chest dart coming down from the collar seems to point to MTM. Was there a name in the suit?
Not until the customer has them put in. This one's legit.
Recently, I was asked to participate in a wedding and the dress code is black tie. I am a very difficult fit and can't just go to a store and rent or buy, but I do have my grandfather's old tuxedo, an Armani Collezione from the mid to late 90s, I think and it fits passably (but still needs work). It has (or had) those low and wide notch lapels that Armani was known for. They drew a lot of attention to my gut and I decided to change them to peaks. While this is normally...
When you do this, do you take one strand of the thread out and use the remaining two or do you have one very long piece of the twist? I tried sewing with 1/3 of the twist and it was pretty wily and difficult to control.
I would imagine Brooks Brothers would fit the bill. They have a variety of fits and stock various colors. Bill's and Polo might also work.
If you find yourself wearing the wrong color pants, you could always pop into CVS and cover the ones you're wearing with cloth tape, amirite?
These are some I've done on my own. The rightmost 3 are done in vintage Coats & Clark silk and the rest in Guterman R753. The 2 traditionally sewn holes on the left have a narrower gimp than the rest.
It won't help with most of your issues, but knowing a few basic sewing skills might relieve you of having to make a few trips to the tailor. Knowing how to sew on a button or fell a loose lining can go a long way. I can empathize about having to constantly get shoes resoled. I have a limited number of shoes and although I like leather soles, it got to be too much. I threw up my hands and went with rubber half soles. I have a MTM suit that gaped along the lapel. Rather...
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