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I agree on the Red Chambray. love it.
any learning materials you guys can suggest? books or videos that can help teach the basics?
Definitely. I was so happy to see Italy go down. Damn crybabies! With that said.... LETS GO USA!
I applaud you! Good job. I'm trying to get myself back into shape, but found with just isn't as easy. You've just given me a boost in inspiration. Hehe. Back to HIIT for me. Keep it up!
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman Yeah, that's a fantastic tie. Curious about the tie too. Anyone know?
Chimay Blue or a nicely poured pint of Guinness
I agree on Maker's or Woodford. Maybe some knob creek?
Good showing for S.A! disappointed it ended in a 1-1. I was really rooting for them. I think France is going to dominate Uruguay. All in all, I've been cheering Brazil in prior World Cups but I think Spain can take the cup home. Who's with me?!
Check out Vizcaya. Beautiful historical site here in Miami. After that you can head down the street to Coconut Grove. If you want to see some art etc you can check out the Design District. If you feel like doing some people watching, go to South Beach and check out Lincoln Road. While in South Beach you can visit the Versace Mansion also. Plenty to do here. Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy your trip!
Yeah! Good thing I learned my lesson. Almost nailed the exacta but first dude faded SLIGHTLY at the very end. oh well.
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