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I like the leather too, only I've developed heel problems and need the extra cushioning now. BTW, Steve has responded to my email (already) and ordered the Comfort model for me. Too bad its a MTO. I've got to wait a couple of months again
Here it is -
No, they don't have a padded insole. Same insole as my other Craftsman. The box they came in is marked "MTO Elastic Sided Whiskey Yearling" B542Y.07FGCW09. That's what's on the invoice as well. However I kept a copy of the web order and it does it says- Product Code\t \tNTB543Y\t Quantity\t \t 1 Product Name\t \tComfort Craftsman\t Size\t \t9G\t Colour\t \tWhiskey They definitely are not what is shown in Lefty's picture, which is what I was expecting.
Sorry if this was discussed in the previous voluminous post. I just got my second pair of Craftsman. The first pair (Kangaroo craftsman), I picked up in Oz. This pair I ordered from Steve Nungar. I ordered the Comfort Craftsman. I was under the impression that by ordering the Comfort model, the boot would come with rubber soles, since the Comfort Craftsman I tried on in the RW Williams store in London did indeed have rubber soles. But that's not the case. The boots I...
I had suits made by both Chan and Yao in January. Both were excellent quality and service. Prices were comparable (1400 for Scabal at Yao, less for Zegna at Chan). First fitting on Monday, suits were ready on Thursday/Friday with fittings just about every day. Personally, I prefer the Chan suit (even though I like the Scabal fabric more), as it is a bit closer to what I had in mind. I was quite specific in my instructions, and Patrick seemed to pick up what I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I use ascot chang for shirts and they tour 2 times a year. I prefer their shirts than ww chan since ascot has a ton of fabric selection. The bad thing about ascot is that they have a 3 shirt minimum and the total usually goes into the $400-500 range. One measurement is all it takes and the shirts fit perfectly. They also travel with Gordon Yao who does all of Ascot chang's suits. Order from him and not...
I got some shirts at Chan's and some others at Ascot Changs in HK recently. AC shirts were very good. Chan's were perfect.
I just got a navy Scabal pinstripe from Gordon Yao and a solid grey Zegna trofeo from Chan. I'am satisified with both, though I prefer the Scabal hands down. Have to compare how they wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling You can 'adjust' the slope of your shoulders, through exercise. I know I have. This has made a big difference, in the way I wear jackets. Otherwise, as others have stated before me: decide which route you want to take: either to allow the slope of your shoulders to rule, or to pursue artificial or natural means, to straighten their slope. What exercises do you suggest? Shoulder presses, Lat...
Sator- Thanks for all the work. I have a pair of Kangaroo Craftsmen. (9G) I understand you suggest sizing up 1/2 in length and down a letter in width. Does that rule still hold for the SF Model in yearling or veal? (I should order a 9.5F) Can you confirm as I think I read somewhere in this thread that Whiskey is only available in yearling leather? Thanks Again.
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