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what do you think about this? non selvedge, 14.5 oz unsunforised slubby and hairy fabrics 8 months (6 months effectively) 2 washes, 2 cold soaks
*me on the right side with blitz
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty Is this not legit? Or do you just want a cheaper price? I don't know if there's non-legit fabric..all I know, there are japanese, american, indian, chinese, italian,etc.. I think it's too expensive for 30" width japanese selvedge fabric..I need below USD 10 per yard ( more than 30" width)
Quote: Originally Posted by Chuck1989 Hi, Just joined this forum for the express purpose of being able to buy some denim. Unfortunately, it requires that I post twice before I can send someone a private message. looks like we've got same purpose, chuck.. just wondering who this guy conne is.. any clue?
still waiting someone who could help me..
He's just sellin fake items
@fuji love those of my favourite denim..
since I'm not able to purchase any expensive denim, I made my own denim from my local tailor.. don't know exactly what fit it is (maybe you can tell me), just felt comfort and relaxed on it.. feel free to comment.. enjoy.. *sorry for my broken english *pics ware taken by N78 camera, night mode.
is there anyone who could help me buying the fabric? sorry for my bad english.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cordwinder Sorry, reviving 3 year old thread. I am a jobber in japan. I can get and sell selvedge denim. PM if interested. do you ship it around the world? what's the price for 14 oz selvedge in 30 metres lenght? thnx.
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