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Anyone know which fabrics/colour schemes the overalls were produced in?
All EG. Trickers shoes.
Doesn't sound stupid at all. Very practical review and helpful for us who don't have the chance to try before we (e-)buy. The Chambray version are coming my way soon I think..
CONSOLIDATED AND ADDED TOFirstly I'm UK based so prefer to deal in the EU but if the deal is right I can ship anywhere. Interested in loose fitting pants to fit 32. Bedfords in Large. Shirts in Large and Accessories (try me).If anyones happens to have an EG overalls in my size (huge long shot) then also interested.. For trade:- SS13 Patchwork Baker Jacket Large. 9/10 condition.Own pics below: [[SPOILER]] - Blue Candy Striped Workaday 19th Century BD Large. 9/10...
Double post
Super slim, wouldnt get my calves in them.
1 pair per size per colour was it not? To stop people proxying / flipping.
In addition to my first post, also have this to trade: FW13 Grey/Navy Hooded Primaloft Vest (L) (Far right) Interested in Large outerwear and shirting, pants in 32ish waist, accessories etc.. Can trade more than one piece at a time..
Still interested in trades on my items in post 2. Determined to get something outa this thread!
One item gone in my original post (post 2). Everything else up for grabs. Large up top - 32 on the bottom. Accessories, anything. Try me.
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