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Mbaum - that's a sick look. Pants look great, too slim for my legs but fantastic there.
CONSOLIDATED AND ADDED Firstly I'm UK based so prefer to deal in the EU but if the deal is right I can ship anywhere. Some pics my own - some stock. Can provide actual pics of everything on request. All manner of trades accepted but trying to put together a suit so if you've got an Andover in a large or cinch pants in 32 I'd be interested.. For trade: - FW14 Bird Shirt 19th Cent BD Large. 9/10 condition. - FW07 Mountain Parka Olive Large. 7/10 condition,...
Also, looking for the Olive Worsted Wool Flannel Andover from FW14 in Large. Open to trades of my items in post #82 or a cash purchase..
Anyone know which fabrics/colour schemes the overalls were produced in?
All EG. Trickers shoes.
Doesn't sound stupid at all. Very practical review and helpful for us who don't have the chance to try before we (e-)buy. The Chambray version are coming my way soon I think..
Double post
Super slim, wouldnt get my calves in them.
1 pair per size per colour was it not? To stop people proxying / flipping.
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