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Engineered Garments Grey Homespun Wool Andover in Large, from FW11 if memory serves me correctly. Good used condition and fitting TTS. Asking $220 shipped worldwide (as gift or fees covered by buyer). Any questions just PM, thanks.
X2. Would much appreciate a pick up on the blue in US8.5?
Looking to purchase the full Our Legacy Constellation suit in size 48 from SS12 collection. (2b Unstructured Blazer Constellation Navy and pants to match.) 23rd June - Blazer purchased. Now looking for the pants in a 48/Navy. (46 may be considered). Used is fine but must be in good condition. Quote me a price shipped to the UK if you're looking to sell - will consider purchasing the pants/jacket on their own if you have only 1. Thanks.
Paul Harnden Derbies Size 6 - Painted/coated linen over leather. Outsole measures 28.5cm. - Trade wise, only interested in CCP footwear in a 6. - £400 + fees + shipping (EU-£11/WORLDWIDE £16)
Split lamas. Not for everyone but I love them. Should be here in a week or so! Slowly but surely building my collection. Very slowly.. Haha.
The wait for my Augusta's is killing me.
I care because I wanted the item enough to purchase it, hence I want the item more than I want the money I've paid for it. If it never arrives I get my money back and no item. Granted it's better than no money and no item but I'd have preferred to just get what I bought.It's just idiocy sending an item out with no tracking if you're being paid via PP and not the gift option; all the buyer has to do is open a dispute and you'll lose. You'd be aswell shipping the item out...
I'd go for the Derbies if I had to chose.. but the two are not really an either/or item..
I ship everything with tracking, regardless of where it is going. It's the sellers responsibility to get the item to a buyer, unless the buyer specifically states they want non tracked shipping and are willing to bear the risk of a loss - even then I'd only ship this way if the item was low value and I was paid via the 'gift' option on PP.
Yeah, that's part of the problem, finding someone who's capable and you trust. I personally have never seen anyone post pictures of baller boots (Augusta CCP and the likes which have been re-soled, let alone re-soled well.. A poor re-soling job would fuck the aesthetic even more..I'd have to x2 this. I was apprehensive at first but I've not looked back. I got my cobbler to do the half sole first. (Doesn't involve any alterations to the construction as adding a rubber heel...
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