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Hi all. I'll throw my pics up soon and any potential buyer can have pics prior to making payment should someone be interested very soon. As title states Engineered Garments Bedford (Olive Whipcord / Large / Brand New with Tags). Never worn. Seen here: http://well-spent.com/engineered-garments-bedford-jacket/ Take advantage of the £ being in the gutter. £160 shipped worldwide, with tracking (as gift or cover the fees). Any questions drop me a message. Best, Mark
I'd agree with leaning towards staying with your 4444 size but ultimately it's never an exact science.
@alexSF Too large. I wear a 7 1/2 in the Robert. I can wear a 7 1/2 in the 4444 althought the last itself is too roomy. A 7 in the 4444 is too short. (The 4444 just doesn't fit me very well). Half a size up from your 4444 size to your Robert size is a maybe - a full size will be too much.
Anyone got a source on a pair of Richard LWBs on the 2298 last? Sensible colour/material, EU based retailer, UK7 1/2?
Alden x Trunk Clothiers Reverse Chamois PTB Size US8D Barrie last - Waxed cotton laces. - Flex Welt. - Goodyear welt construction. - Single sole. - Made in the USA. Fantastic used condition. Rarely worn. RRP £420/$640. [S[$350[/S] > $315 shipped Worldwide (gift or fees on you).
Why isn't there an Alden trading thread (I see there is an EG one)?I've got a couple of pairs of Aldens on the Barrie last that see next to no wear. If I'm being honest I'm not sure the Barrie last is for me but I wouldn't mind trying half a size down just to see..Both pairs are size 8D, worn about 5 x each. Interested in 7.5D Barrie last trades..Alden X J Crew LWB Tobacco 8D. [[SPOILER]] Alden X Trunk Clothiers Reverse Chamois PTB 8D [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for contributing to the ongoing health of my bank balance.. I saw these late last night and was pondering.. Unsurprisingly 8D all gone now!
Decent proxy from US to UK?
Careful not to get it on any of the detailing as it can be a pain to remove (lesson learnt). Easiest and most efficient way to remove I found was to hold the hose of a vaccum just above the little mound of baby powder and suck it all up in one foul swoop. Good luck.
RE oil stain. I had similar and heaping baby powder on the stain over night seemed to soak the stain up slightly. I repeated this a few times over it became far less noticeable - although admittedly didn't disappear all together. On another note - anyone moving on LWB'a in an 8D? Would like to pick a pair up below retail..
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