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That is possible, but I am not sure they have them this season, or else I didn't see them on their website. Thanks.
I bought a black Woolrich jacket but really like the boots the model is wearing. Here is a link to the wonderful pair of brown boots with red laces perfect for winter. I want this sleek brown winter style with a rubber sole, but don't know the brand. Can someone tell me where to get these or similar this season? Click on the black color jacket to see the red laced boots I am referring to. Here is the link:...
I don't think my legs are huge, just bigger, and--most importantly--make me look stalky, and make my pants not fit right.
I have lost 45 lbs and feel great; I can finally fit into many of my clothes again! The problem is, because of lifting weights, my legs are now big so that they stretch out the leg holes. My question is: Will current clothes stretch to accommodate this, or can you recommend brands of clothes that have wider leg holes for their respective waist size? Thanks!
What is this company doing, with becoming a traditional luxury brand? They have sweaters and $300 tee shirts now like every other brand. What happened to the old Belstaff?
Hello All: I like this McQueen sweater, pictured below, but it is $775. Please tell me how the quality differs from a Banana Republic sweater of the same color (also pictured below).     Bottom line: Will the McQueen sweater last longer, because I need it to in order to justify its price. Sincerely, Richard E
I recently purchased this kick-ass fine-gage McQueen sweater and was wondering what my options were for undershirts, dress shirts, and colors. The sweater itself is slim cut. I would appreciate suggestions.  
Fuck--the 44 is sold out anyway haha. Should I buy the 42?
I have broad shoulders and a thin waist. I am looking at this Simon Spurr blazer: I am a size 42 in some brands and size 44 in others. Should I buy the 42 or 44 with my broad shoulders (i.e., will a 42 fit my broad shoulders or do I need to size up?)
Thanks you are a life saver!
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