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Here it is: I got my local RM Williams to get me the leather swatch, and had one of my local dealers work it out with the factory. Out of the dozens of leather options, camel was by far the most interesting to me (love the dual grain pattern), and the grain was watch stronger than the cattlehide options (very scuff resistant.) Your best bet to see some in person (if you don't live in Australia) would be upmarket women's wear stores...
^ ? Not saying you'd hurt it. A better fit to the last shape just helps in preventing deep creasing.
Mmm, my Brannock size is US 9 though...not sure about the width. UK and Australia have the same sizing system, so when I first bought my Tricker's it was easy enough for me to buy my true size. The Aldens and Wolverines were more difficult though, had to try it out at the shops or borrow them for test-runs from friends, as I had no idea what my feet size were in terms of the US system.
I'm UK 8 on Tricker's 4497 width 5 (stow, malton) and 6 (grasmere), and US 9 in Wolverine 1000 mile width D and Alden Trubalance (can't remember width.) My feet don't like the -0.5 rule :P
I think the boot/shoe tree distinction is a bit redundant - we just have to find a tree that has a toe-shape which closely imitates the last shape. Getting a pair of comfort craftsman boots MTO in the very interesting camel leather. Can't wait!
$130 to $150 is pretty standard for a shoe factory complete re-sole where I am. I'm guessing the handiwork involved in stitching the crepe soles to the inner and upper on some of their mocs would be more time-consuming than re-soling a welted shoe?
I think the rubber inset into the leather outsole is a good compromise between traction and a lower profile. The half-commando looks nice too...but why not just have the full lug?
^ Yep, just like The Bureau tan scotch Stow with commando, except as a Roy boot! Nice kop btw
^ I think the Tricker's light tan scotch has a stronger grain print and lighter colour (almost wheat). Those Culford boots look nice, I was tossing up between those and the Grasmere some weeks back.
I remember the older version of the belt (stitched buckle fold and pewter clipped-corner buckle) was $130. This new pricing is hella crazy... I mean, generic Chicago screws, generic roller buckle, and we aren't even told the exact tannage of the medium weight 10 oz leather. If the edges are really just rough cut, then this pricing is a massive rip. With that price you could have the Kawatako sword-tip belt shipped from Japan.
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