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^ thanks for the heads-up blackmage. David (goodtrade) is legit, former employee at Aika Australia IIRC. Damn good prices he is offering too My blog post was referring to this guy in Singapore who is using my blog post to sell some questionable Aika jeans and doing "pre-orders", even though the company is long gone. Aika jeans are made by a very well regarded garment factory in Japan, they also make the one-of-one/Enishi jeans. The fabric on the Aika Jin, although I...
Mmm, I see image shack still ain't working? Here are some pics of my MTO camel leather comfort-craftsman boots:
^ Alright, my apologies!
Quote: Originally Posted by omgcookielol Besides, stealing designs from Jason means that he doesn't need an R&D budget, meaning he can sell for less. :P This is just retarded. Don't do it man, you'll be killing creativity and originality.
Etsy has nice ones made of wood.
Quote: Originally Posted by islay Hi guys, Looking at photos of samurai or strike gold belts etc. Jpanese brands in general, I see they look more refined than custom belts made by artisans, like the edges are sharper and more uniform but I dont know if this is just a photo effect, I mean, does anyone has experience with these brands compared to a custom made bellt? maybe they have factory machines that do this? cheers Depends on the...
Semi-dress concept; dress boots for blokes who are used to wearing work boots everyday.
The leather is a nice vegetable tan, and a slight break in the grain like that will smooth out with time and a little bit of leather food, nothing to worry about
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh How is the resale value of these boots? I saw a pair of almost new RM williams boots on the BST for about $160 dollars, makes for the $200 sale price cultizm is selling them seem like the normal price, and the regular RM williams price ($300?) seem overinflated, right? the cultizm deal doesn't seem like such a good deal now? Resell value of work-boots are always a bit lower than dress shoes, since they usually...
^ Thanks for the kind words mate! Whatever knowledge I have come from the various craftsmen I had the pleasure of dealing with over the years, and I'd be very happy if more folks get interested in the leather itself, and not just the garment/accessory it's been made into Nice to know someone reads my rants
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