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Very nice photos, thanks for sharing Love that little bit of oil bloom.
^ I find it very curious, but for me personally the most precious part of horsehide, regardless of tannage, is the grain. For a collector, it's that distinct horsehide pore pattern and grain impression that most lust after. Why is the grain deliberately damaged? I would have thought, for a similarly distressed look, cattlehide would suffice?
While we're on the topic...I've always wondered, where does Sedgwick get its leather from?
^ Thanks for that! Will have to try out a couple of your Sedgwick ones
Old thread, but any reviews re: KMW belts? Would love to see the details of the leather and how it evolves!
^ I see, thanks for the description! I've heard of nut tanning in old days (but nut dyeing?), but it seems as if most modern tanneries use nut powder & concentrates? Very interesting though. My bad, when I bought that particular belt it was stated to be made of 'oak-tanned shoulder', and it was mentioned that Baker's oak-tan doesn't get the fat/oil immersion or setting treatment that the bridle does. Was wondering how you'd compare Baker's bridle compared to the bridle...
Couple of Baker's leather pics... (first two courtesy of Terry Dear) Andrew working: Ultra-thick oak-bark butt: ^ Pretty much sets the standard for me Ages very well too:
^ Would be very interested in the undyed bridle curious to see how it compares to Baker's raw oak-bark. Why do they call it Australian nut? I think this is the same leather from Baker's that I have here (mine is thicker at 6mm): If so, it's a fantastic leather
The jesus belt
Cheers IIIrd, I do agree, that Horween horse butt is first class.Those were the prototypes; the finalised version is here:
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