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^ Looking forward to it! Thanks for the tub of Sedgwick conditioner too Will be taking lots of pictures as usual~
Looks good - really liking that denim jacket...will the denim garments come raw or pre-distressed?
Very excited
Lovely colour; I can just imagine how the pull-up would look, after some wear, as sunlight hits it at different angles...
New wallet from Blackacre: Horween Chromexcel horsebutt outshell, Wicket & Craig American-bridle inner, veg. tanned pigskin notes compartment lining. Glows like fire under direct sun! The work is really clean: And the burnish is remarkable:
That's interesting...but I must say I don't agree with him :PI am wearing one made of W&C skirting right now actually, and it's a bit more than one year old - and ageing very well (should do an update soon!)Granted, I do treat my raw leathers fairly heavily, and this one has acquired a very dramatic pull-up effect now.
Mmmm, the easiest way is probably to find a dude who can make you a nice one from Wickett & Craig or Herman Oak skirting. I am sure a few brands or shops sell nice raw leather belts too, but they usually don't reveal the where & the how of the leather, and it makes buying difficult unless you could handle and see the leather in person. I think a very raw, undyed veg. tanned leather belt is something that everyone who is interested in leather should try at least once
^ A good quality skirting leather? Nothing ages with character quite like it.
Any word on the 685 boots? Very excited
That's a Redmoon belt.
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