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^ I wouldn't say that a leather outsole outclasses a synthetic one at all, and certainly not a prime reason to invest in a pair of boots. If you need a synthetic outsole, buy another boot or get it resoled/covered. For re-soling, Vibram or Biltrite (Cat's Paw!!!) are good options if you're in the Americas, Dainite (studded, med-/ridgeways) or Corinium (Victory, commando variants) in or around the UK are fantastic - plenty to choose from, and since the cost per unit...
I think it's alright...when the methodology of tanning shell cordovan for footwear purposes was developed in the early 20th century, the focus was on work boots.In other words, the modern shell cordovan as we know it started life as upper & sole leathers for boots that were meant to be beaten up.Anyway, Viberg's actual hiker boots are around the $700 mark :P
By insulation I mean any type of foam or other insulating material between the outer leather and the lining material, to prevent cold feet.I have no idea how cold it gets in your area though, maybe insulation is not necessary.You could use sno seal or some other wax sealant, but Chromexcel cattlehide is pretty water-proof from the get go due to it's high oil content and re-tannage (chrome then vegetable).But not a bad idea to give it a coat once in a little while Just make...
^ I would at least get a rubber covering on the leather sole, if not go for a complete re-sole, if it was icy, snowing and/or raining That's just IMO though, and it's safety first when it comes to footwear for me You may also want to consider insulation (which this boot doesn't have a whole lot of.) Does anyone know why they choose to make the modern 1000 Mile with leather out-sole? Most of the ones I've seen from the 1940's onwards have been rubber/neoprene/cord of some...
^^ I reckon the Crazy Horse if you want a more historically accurate 685, but I'd personally go with the horsehide if you don't mind a 676/685 hybrid boot! A pair of old-stock 685 for reference:
Lovely photos Holdfast! Can't wait for my russet belt
Hi, any word on these lovelies?
Thanks very much for the explanation
I understand what bridle leather is, just confused by how an unfinished leather (unfinished in terms of?) can still be considered bridle?
Out of curiosity, what is 'unfinished bridle'?
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