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Yeah, it's the mogano/mahogany shell. David at Tricker's said this particular colour they get from Horween.Colour is a bit lighter in direct sunlight.
From the factory shop, perfect except for some welt staining which I've removed:
I'm starting a horsehide footwear contest on Sufu - please do let me know if you're interested. All horse leathers welcome - shell cordovan, re-tanned horsehide, vegetable tanned stip, variants of front quarter, etc. Doesn't matter if it's from the USA, France, Argentina or Japan - as long as it comes from a horse and is worn on your foot Check the thread on Sufu for more details: Don't worry if you can't...
^ Yep, I've seen them online before. I saw the Iris shell on a Japanese blog once - not a popular colour, but I do really like it. Very dark blue with a hint of purple it seems. Edit: Ooops, correction, the shell on mine are Horween, not from Argentina. So Tricker's does use Horween for the majority of their shell, only other sources from rarer colours.
^ It's not in the regular line-up anymore, and FYI Redmoon has undergone a revamp this year...the current RM is quite different in style and direction to the older RM that we knew, IMO. The buckle is silver IIRC. I dunno what Scott has in stock, best to contact him directly.
^ Haven't seen that one for a long time - if you find one, expect to pay 20, 000 yen +. Scott will be able to make you something similar though, and in veg. tanned horsehide strip too
It's a pair on standard Stows on the 4497, mogano (mahogany?) shell, silver eyelets, natural Barbour welt, double mid-sole with studded Dainite.Never handled this Argentinian shell though, it would be an interesting comparison to Horween's - would like a long-wing in the 'iris' shell sometime if the Argentinian stuff is good
Have a pair of mogano shell Stows coming soon
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