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They use Horween for the more regular colours and other sources (Argentina, etc) for odd ones.
^^ The grain layer has been removed, so there's no 100% fix. You can use wax or cream polish for a cosmetic touch-up, but wear and tear is part of the process I think, don't worry too much
Big thanks to the folks at Epaulet for their wonderful customer service...just received one of my contenders for a footwear contest:
Artist denim is a good option, I can vouch for the quality, especially considering the pricing - but it's MTM, not true bespoke, but longer leg lengths can be done AFAIK. If you're in the US, you may need to raise your budget beyond $200 for "superior quality". Though, seeing as you're new to this, try a pair of Sugar Cane 1947 from Japan...just under $150 and it's a good introduction to denim-nerd jeans. What minimum leg length do you need though?
But they're apples and oranges...I see the modern 1000 Mile as more of a fashion work-boot which is being promoted with the company's work-boot heritage for credibility - so you end up with repro. details with dressier twists, great for denim warriors and the like, but can also look somewhat confused to work-boot enthusiasts.Alden's boots, on the other hand, are orthopaedic work shoes which have transformed slowly into dressier shoes over decades - their styling and...
^^^ Hey Davi, my Tricker's so far, all 4497 of different widths, have been quite comfortable out of the box. Compared to Alden and Viberg, Tricker's is slightly harder on the sole of the feet for me (even after the cork layer has moulded), but other aspects of feet comfort compares similarly. I did the same as you, one whole size down from US to UK, and the fit was good in length and I did not have the same trouble as you with regards to the vamp height. But Tricker's...
^^ Very nice Love that burgundy zug.
^^ Shouldn't be too long before it gets comfortable if sized right. The leather upper on Tricker's ain't as thick as some of the North American work boot brands (Nick's, etc), and apart for the zug/scotch grain leathers, they should break in within a couple of weeks. I had very minimal discomfort with my pairs during initial wear.
^^ Yep, you should have no problems, I wear Stows/Maltons in the same size as my Grasmere.
I'd consider a plain belt in quality leather more for the dude who appreciates leather for the leather's sake. Not many folks can understand that, and certainly the 'quality' of leather is a concept that escapes many. If all that is done is rough cut some saddle leather and stick a couple of screws on, it is very much for the raw denim hipster. But to have a truly nice leather expertly & considerately made into a quality belt - with no artificial treatments to cover up the...
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