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Just a suggestion - Roy boots in black is very similar to the black scotch grain Grasmere boots. Perhaps could do the tan scotch grain & commando sole (make it 'super') for the Roy boots instead?
Sending this off to a friend. Care kit for veg. tanned leather :P Beeswax, emu fat, home-made leather balm.
You could always hammer the exposed tip further onto the burr with the exposed rivets, and then they won't scratch.
Get one custom made to your liking?
I've seen a couple of stock pairs in person at my local Wolverine retailer - both brown CXL, both with scratches and dents - finding this very curious, although I think a good oiling, pigment polish or wax coating could fix the cosmetic issue..
A tote bag for the gf by Scott (unlucky), pic is Scott's own: Scotch grain Chromexcel from Horween, plus a little bit of hair sheep from Clayton.
^ Yes Even seconds from Tricker's factory shop will run at 195 to 225 pounds.
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk it is... i think boots shouldn't look like sneakers and a blue sole makes it look like a sneaker! Some people have enough brown/black shoes with brown/black soles already - variety makes it interesting, and obviously a colour combo that one person fancies may not excite need to get too critical.
^ ? Not a valid comparison.
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Tricker's are actually comparable to Alden in price. + 1. Actually, where I am (no Tricker's or Alden dealers here), Tricker's actually come cheaper compared to Alden.
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