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Oni is back! No new models since the natural indigo one though (and that NF collb. ) - hopefully they have something special in the works. Did I ever mention I played around with the back-pocket stitching on my two pairs?
Cushman > BR I also like Toy's McCoy's sweats very much too, the prints on them are amazing if you're into that sort of thing!
^ The story is just as important - this is a group buy project for like-minded folks. I'm not simply advertising belts.
Most of the details are up on the top post already I'll cross-post the prototype that Charlie is working in here, as well as dates for ordering time-frame. So, if you're only following this thread and do not plan on e-mailing me, you won't miss out either! Though, for more personal rantings, I really must do it via private methods, either PM or e-mail.
Update on shipping costs: approx. £10 for non EU, £8 for EU and £4.80 for UK for Royal Mail International Signed for for 1 belt, with an additional £4 per extra belt.Also, an introduction from Charlie:
Charlie quoted aaround 65 British pounds. Photos of the buckle will be available in the next newsletter update!
Greetings to my fellow denim & leather nerds! I'm opening an expression of interest list for a new group buy belt project! This time it's with a workshop in England called Equus Leather, run by cCharlie who is trained in classic english saddlery and who has been making leather crafts professionally since 1995. See the affiliate thread here: The belt this time around will have...
The pair I'm wearing now has plain selvedge :P To me the important thing is the cotton and how the fabric was woven - the selvedge colour is but a minute consideration if the rest of the denim is up to scratch. Otherwise, IMO, it's all flash and no substance.
Denim mills can make it whatever colour or pattern they want...there really isn't much point in documenting it.
I received my russet belt today Very happy with it! See more pics here.
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