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Yep, check out this one unlucky just made for me Veg. tanned buffalo, veg. tanned horse, and natural Chromexcel.
Just arrived, the final prototype of the "Military belt" project with Equus Leather before the project belts get made. The hand-stitch has been upgraded, some spacing aspects adjusted, and the pin is the finalised version: Still taking orders for a short while before the leather from Baker's is delivered (PM me for details)
^ Submitting orders PM me for more details!
I think we've all got our belts some weeks, if not months, ago.
Get the old BR sweats though...feedback from sufu regarding the newer Buzz sweats (they revised it both in terms of fit and fabric) is that the fabric has been somewhat downgraded. I got a few of the old ones and they're quite nice, especially considering their pricing against other Japanese brands.
Every tip serves a specific purpose.The slant edge, IMO, looks quite good with a rectangular buckle.It also has roots in work belts and collars, so I think it fitting to go with a denim belt.I don't think any of my project belts will ever be a dress belt nor 1.25" though...it is better to go the MTO or custom made route for that kind of belt.No for this project, as the buckle specifically needs to adapt to a double-pin configuration.Brass is also the traditional saddlery...
A quick follow-up...the prototype has been made! Here are a few pics from Charlie - the final version will look more or less the same with a couple of minor tweaks, including the appearance of the pins and the thread thickness: That's the end of the updates I'll be doing here. Please do PM me if you're interested; the project will close at new year.
It's not true to say that many Japanese repro companies cannot create natural indigo jeans - it's just that the market has not called for it since about 2005/2006. Keep in mind Oni Denim is a trading brand, not a factory/workshop brand, the same workshop & fabrics can be had by other companies should they choose to...Oni's niche in the market allows them to sell this kind of product right now, whilst others have since veered away from natural indigo denims. Sugar Cane &...
The Shoai to me is an re-issue. I know the blue cut is good and all, but by new I mean a new fabric and some new details - the fit is always either the red or blue. It's fine to say that a jean is just a jean, but Oni's niche is novelty and hobbyist denim, so new & interesting stuff is pretty much a given - such as the silk weft and paper denims that came out a couple of years ago - it's what keeps collectors and enthusiasts coming back. I do agree, Oni has always stayed...
I know they're a small company, but things have been a bit quite even by their standards. They used to have at least one new model (usually a new fabric) in both Blue & Red fits every year - this year there's only been re-issues. Not trying to imply anything negative - I'm an Oni fan myself. The official line is that the guy who operates the vintage loom for the fabric, at around 80 years old, is a little infirm and thus cannot work through the winter (and cannot work...
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