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lounge shorts look cool, most likely buying anyone know the source of the lookbook pics with that medium length blond haired model?
^ theyre based in new york
also need a pair of marcellos this season if they come out. missed out last year. he needs to release more wrist accessories like the rope bracelets from fw08 and less lego looking necklaces
need the spring cp collab
if i wear a XS in gitman, S in BoO, would i be a TB0 or a TB1?
when does ssense normally have their sale?
someone was selling that ervell knit in blue/green colorway for $180ish in an xs. id go with the ervell at 30% thanks guys, i went with the geller. found a 44 on yahoojp
or (in black)
someone proxy those $20 wayshiners :/
^ those are really nice and simple. what model cps? available in 40/41?.
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