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Haha, I see what you did there. No such luck however. I got a large.
Tempted, but hesitant. Anyone have fit pics of the herringbone as an overshirt?
Just received the Green Portuguese Flannel at the office, and holy crap I may just have to other another one before I leave for the weekend. Gladly accepting suggestions…
I hate you all. I hit "CHECK OUT" as fast as my computer would allow and all I got was the saddest message in history.
My jaw is on the floor.
Dying to know what Inis Meain you've got lined up!
Perfect, thanks!
Hey Jeff, any sense on the expected turnaround for the Carmina MTO? Thanks!
Thanks man. Hope I can find time to swing by soon! Work's been nuts.
Haven't had a chance to swing by the store in awhile - are you guys carrying the Eidos polos this spring (in addition to the other sport/dress shirts mentioned above). If so, which of the two cuts (standard polo vs Lupo) and which colors? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: