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[[SPOILER]] Holy new pose Batman!Looking great, Stitchy. You've gotten the pants fit down (just the right amount of drape and break to balance the rest of your fit; for a long time, pants fit was the weakest thing about your fits). Great choice of shirt and tie combo. We've seen that jacket a hundred times, but there's nothing wrong with that - navy hopsack is a classic and the fit on that one is spot on.
You should post these in the soporific tie porn thread.
Loake Shoemakers range uses corrected grain leather. Their 1880 range uses full grain calf. Corrected grain is basically normal leather sanded down for a smooth, even finish. It means that the shoemaker can use lower quality leather. It's commonly used by lower end brands like Clarks. Corrected grain leather often has a plasticy, shiny look to it. I have seen Loake Shoemakers range in the flesh and they don't look bad, but I would recommend going with proper calf instead.
I quite like bi-colour knits. I have a couple - a navy and white, and a charcoal and light grey. My recommendations would be to start with staples like the above. Also, offer the option of a square or triangle end.
Hold on - can I just clarify this? $650 for a proper MTM, fully canvassed suit with handmade buttonholes, horn buttons, and a variety of shoulder options? Kent, are you a wizard?
I understand the individual words, but combined, I'm lost...
Kent - bought a pocket square and two sets of cufflinks and am absolutely delighted with both. I plan on buying many more of both soon. Just one question - how long are your polos in Small? Actually, just one more question. I'm considering purchasing your brown plain captoes. Do you have lasted shoe trees for these? If not, could you recommend me some suitably fitting trees?
Bullswin, that is absolutely gorgeous.
The shape of his jackets always looks fantastic in the torso shots he posts, but it's hard to tell that close up.Jason, the forum has spoken. Full-length shot please!
You're fast becoming my favourite poster in this thread. Your outfits are always so effortless - a fine example of how often, less is more.
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