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High-yield, in other words, junk. I'm guessing, but is sovereign debt involved? Doesn't sound like any client facing, so you should be OK with something basic. Just try not to stick out in the wrong way fashion-wise. Think Stasi spy and you'll be fine. New York is a bit different as are London and other places in terms of fashion. You'll always see some dapper MDs, but then again they are MDs. Hours depend on your department and boss too. Technically, you can work as much...
Looking for recommendations on where I can buy (preferably online). Not really interested in LL Bean, J Crew, BB, or RPL. Would consider MTM. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynWeGoHard does edward green have an active factory store? Suggest contacting them: I know they have sales at the factory, not sure how active it is.
You need to provide more info. Which department are you in? M&A? IT? Risk? Trading? Front office or back office? Will you tag along to see clients? They are different cultures. Hence dress is different. If you are talking about Germany, you will usually see Hugo Boss + black shoes + back belt. Solid gray and shades there within are popular suit colors. No black, they will think you are going to a funeral. I doubt you will see Saville Row there, maybe some Zegna. Don't...
If it's desirable, you can expect it not to be there come sale time.
Depends on where you are and where you frequent. How familiar are you with the fit? Pretty expensive to purchase without knowing your size in a 202. What type of sole do you want? Are you looking for RTW or MTO? London would be best if you are in that area. Sales occur after Christmas. It's also possible to purchase seconds from the factory in Northampton.
Good info. Thanks. I realize this is a budget piece, but I would like to see something similar with H&K, T&A, N&L, and maybe TP.
Do you wear normally wear 42R in other brands and how do they fit? Once you have it back from the tailor, please tell what you had done to it. Seems a bit large in places from the pics. How's the fabric?
New suit. Tailor will cost as much to do what you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by BenM I was able to easily walk from the railway station to each of the stores (in the order above) You walked? It took me ~20 minutes by taxi from the station to EG.
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