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Their alerts don't work at all. I never get alerts, but I see they have new items all the time for my alerts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Melcombe Emma Willis (sale time only) Does Emma have sale online too?
IMHO Charvet by far, makes the best RTW shirts I have. The fabric and construction is better than any of my other RTW shirts. Kiton is nice, but the price, well... I sometimes get nice comments on the large Kiton buttons. I guess they are unusual. All my Kiton shirts are of lighter fabric. Would be tempted to pick Borrelli over Kiton if you take into account price. T&A sea island is really nice, but not cheap. I have some older Zegna with really thick MOP buttons, but I...
Although not in London, you should consider Charvet in this price range.
No PCAT up for sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog I like Rimowa but I need something with a large external pocket, so I can take out my laptop easily at security. Many European airlines don't allow two pieces of hand luggage. How big is your laptop? Thought about an Ipad? Rimowa Bolero line http://www.luggage.com/Rimowa-86152-JR1062.html Tumi also makes this nice bag with the leather trim (but budget buster for you) and it has a large outside...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang How many brushes do you need? Do you use to get off the dust, and a separate one for applying conditioner, polish, cream, etc.? Don't forget for different colors.
JL soft brush @ JL store. Finer and softer than most others I've used, so it does a good job of polishing. Grip could be better... Similar to the following, but the ones at the boutiques are a bit different: https://btsecuresession.com/johnlobb...hp?cPath=37_22 This also looks interesting with the grip: http://www.well-chosen.com/www/Shoeb...ndle-light.htm
Try Mouton à 5 pattes behind Jelmoli, Foxtown, or some of the outlets in Italy. Zegna has an outlet.
High-yield, in other words, junk. I'm guessing, but is sovereign debt involved? Doesn't sound like any client facing, so you should be OK with something basic. Just try not to stick out in the wrong way fashion-wise. Think Stasi spy and you'll be fine. New York is a bit different as are London and other places in terms of fashion. You'll always see some dapper MDs, but then again they are MDs. Hours depend on your department and boss too. Technically, you can work as much...
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