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Looking to upgrade my shoes and wanted opinions from the shoe aficionados out there. Mostly Aldens and Ferragamos now. The new shoes are for work that has to be comfortable and conservative. The choices I have are: C&J Lidfort Church's Ferragamo Perhaps I am looking for 2 shoes - 1 loafers, 1 lace-up. Need to rotate anyway. Does anyone have experience with the C&J double soles? I have heard they are more comfortable. What about the C&J cordovans? How do they...
Can the following be let out and by how much: 1) pants waist 2) jacket sleeve 3) jacket chest size
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Absolutely! I travel every week and almost never wear loafers. They are a little easier to take off and put on, but you have plenty of time waiting in line to take them off, and if you are so late for a flight that it becomes an issue, just run for it with your shoes unlaced and do it on the plane. This slip on shoe thing in airports is just ridiculous. Why not just give in like most people on the flight and...
Which loafers are you recommending? It's tough for me to tell which would work. I was hoping people who have these shoes could give us some feedback.
Good ideas, but I was hoping for something along the lines of Lobb, Church's, CJ, E Green, Berluti. Can anyone recommend models within these brands that will be a good business travel shoes? Thanks.
Any recommendations for NYC or London? Please, some place reputable. Thanks.
Looking for business travel shoes. Looking for recommendations with the following criteria: 1) Lots of flying and airports (easy on and off) 2) Something nice to walk into boardrooms (Lobb, Church's, CJ, E Green, Berluti?) 3) Will last more than a year (will rotate with other shoes) 4) Sometimes lots of walking (should feel comfortable after walking a few miles, so something without a heavy sole) Thanks in advance, GBer
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