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C&J seconds or sale? You might be able to get it under $350. Depends on how fast the dollar drops.
Wouldn't say they are clunky. Look at some American makes and think again. Unfair to compare C&J vs G&G. The price points serve two different clientele. G&Gs are about double C&Js prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by theinternet I think I am going to return the light gray suit this week because it needs too much alteration for it to fit well, and that will be a huge gamble because I do not have a tailor around me that I think can handle that. Good idea! It's at least 1 size too large for you. All the alterations needed on the light gray jacket alone would've cost you more than both suits. Additionally you would need a good...
Do you know your size in JL, EG, etc in last XXX? Do you have English shoes? Fit and style is different from American or Italian makes. If not, best to stick with the stores in London. Your Aussie dollar is strong at the moment. Anyway you do it, don't forget to get your VAT refund. Call ahead! First of all, ask if they have your size. If not, well... you know the answer. Additionally, you are planning to go Saturday morning... I do not believe all factory stores are...
Where is your internship? NYC? Are you in any particular group such as I-banking, equity research, trading? You don't often see bankers wear tan at work, summer or not. Would stay away from tan. Too casual. Gray & navy are good choices. What about shoes? Do you have a couple of decent pairs? $500 max will be tough. If these are your first suits, bite the bullet and go to BB and get something there. Do you even know your size? Nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie This. No one will notice. Hell, last interview series I had I wore all DB's- got the job. Was it for a banking job? Or something conservative? Small or large company? In NYC? How long ago was your last interview? Keep the context in mind. Quote: Originally Posted by lilmann40 I have a suit with a subtle peak OP, it would help if you posted a pic of your lapel. Some are...
Quote: Originally Posted by rossyl Just make sure you feel happy and comfortable, you shouldn't be thinking about fashion in a job interview and they wont give you a job just because you dressed well (unless it's a job in fashion!) Not quite. You forgot about: Quote: Originally Posted by clausc UBS dress-guide for their Swiss employees Client facing jobs are quite different especially in banking.
When you say: Quote: Originally Posted by lilmann40 most likely in mortgages and not i-banking. Are you talking about as a loan officer at your local bank? Investing in CMBS? Underwriting? Selling CMBS? Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? MortgageIT/ Deutsche Bank? Countrywide/ BofA? What is level you are looking for? Entry-level or senior? Each is different in culture and style. Depends on if it's a client-facing job and who your client is (Joe...
How much are you spending on the handgrade? For a bit more you can probably find an EG or JL second, on the Bay, or B&S. I have a few C&J including HG, but since I've discovered JL and EG, I wouldn't go back, unless it was at a steep discount. The quality and construction difference is quite large at only an incremental cost increase.
Minimalist? Get a wholecut. What are you planning to wear this for? Work? Lounge wear? Personally, I think it's
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