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Where can I get shoes recrafted like this? Thanks.
Get used to the snarks. Full of people who have nothing better to do.
Preferred rubber sole for me at least in the city. Go commando for the countryside. The tread is good for wet city wear. Maybe some light snow, but forget ice. Anyway, far better than leather in slippery conditions. The rubber is not as hard and bends well with your steps. No breaking in required.
If you want to stick around here, get used to the snark. Lots of them around. Seems they have nothing better to do.
Any recommendation on a mail order company I can get it done for under $100 including shipping? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Why did you wait a year, Philip IIs in black and brown are readily available from a number of sources, at least in the U.S. Care to share your sources?
Quote: Originally Posted by rathebaindc no undershirt, just tape on the inside of the neck, duh! This is a joke, right?
Can you post a pic of the Horsey vest alone?
Quote: Originally Posted by hst There was a PSA (public service annoucement) here prior to the sale. My impression is they only do walk-in. In any case, does anyone have the tel no. of the factory shop? Thanks! Can be found on their website:
Linen or linen/blend for pants - it's summer, no?
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