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32-33 is probably an L (long). How tall are you and your torso? For the purpose of an interview suit, it just doesn't work. The suit should be conservative for what you want: a solid navy or grey (a staple). It is an ok price for Brioni, but it's priced at that level for a reason
Interested in seeing what stylish gifts you guys received this Christmas
Nice suit, but not for an interview.... If it doesnt fit, you must quit
Heathrow around xmas? Shutter the thought...
It depends on the culture of your department (or even team). Also depends if you are working in the front office and you meet clients. I certainly dress differently when I go to meet clients. Some see it as an identifier of your level of success. It shows you can afford a certain level of clothes. If you work in IT and never meet any clients, it really doesn't matter. Not everyone can afford bespoke JLs, A&S, or Leonard Logsdail. Some MDs will come out and ask you what...
I believe you are right.
Anyone planning to go?
Correction American tourist... Think of National Lampoon's European VacationPlease no fanny packs!BTW I am American, just don't dress like a tourist.Wouldn't these alternatives be better?
Moncler Gamme Bleu by Thom Browne These are the ultimate in city wear down coats. Just so difficult to find. Here are some more:
That jacket screams you are American from a mile away. Please don't wear a baseball cap backwards with it (or sideways, that's even worse ). Since it's your first time there, try one of those couple hour bus tours of the city. It's well worth it to get get an idea of the city Take the RER, simple and efficient way to get around town. Avoid the rush hour gridlock in that area. There are tourist multiday passes. Ask at your hotel. Clothing wise Visit Charvet. It's in the...
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