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Are you calling him fat? LMFAO
Is that Ian the model?
Don't forget if you are shipping it back to France via post, you will have to pay VAT on it. 15-20%? Add that to your cost. Why not pack it in a bag for the plane?
You can still post a pic
Wouldn't the topy + rubber sole cost more than the shoes?
I see that Mr Porter has different sale item availability for the US than UK.
Mr. Porter RL Gieves & Hawkes New and Lingwood H&K BB
OP said:Unless it's Toys R Us or an internet startup, the color combination doesn't work, nor does it give a good impression. If he's looking for Fortune 500, it's CONSERVATIVE. You don't want to be dinged before you even open your mouth. We are all trying to help the OP.I interview people and this would not kill it, but it would be a negative. Part of the interview is your personal appearance, especially if you are in a client-facing role. There are expectations. Fail to...
Don't forget the cost of alterations, which sounds like anywhere from $50-125+ for you. If you have other suits for interviews and this is your 7th or 8th suit, it works. But if still you need your first 1-6 suits, it doesn't work. The L should work for you given your height.Try looking at Brooks Brothers. They are having a sale at this time.
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