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Any idea what brand/ make it is? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Bought directly from them before. But that was some time ago. Their phone and address is somewhere on this forum. They will tell you what style and size they have in stock with a price. Go through their catalog and figure out what you want. Worked out for me.
Harvey Spector Arthur Daley Lou Dobbs
I have not seen a Hallam in some time. What is the current Hallam replacement?
Brunello Cucinelli makes a similar pair. I've seen it in a lighter suede. Not sure if you will save much on the price.
Anyone have experience wearing x-bionic gear for the gym? Feedback greatly appreciated.
Thanks, but not much constructive discussion in that thread. Just the usual flame... Was hoping for more constructive posts. What do you guys think?
Can't comment on H&K for US mail orders.IME, it depends. Sometimes some stores give you a partial VAT deduction. Others give you a full deduction. You should call and ask to confirm. UK was raised to 20% last year.
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