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Luftvier - I like the suit.
I have a J. Press seersucker and am quite happy with it.
I just picked up a Beaufort a couple of months ago and don't find it too long and I am 5'9".
Which model did you choose?
I always enjoyed shopping at Britches. Sadly, I don't have any reamining items.
RSS - How do you find the quality of the Lambourne cords?
I received a credit card case as a gift and ditched my wallet for it. I decided to pick up a slim silver money clip for cash. I really like the combo. I don't find them tacky at all.
I picked one up from J. Press that works well. It is also likely quite a bit less expensive than the Tiffany version.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Get these Paul Stuart's that are currently on sale: Link They are Grenson Masterpiece. They are US sized, but run small. Equal in quality to C&J Handgrade, IMHO. Also, the last is very similar to the 337. I have a pair of Paul Stuart shoes. The are quite nice.
I have a pair of the BB Country Club twills. They have a nicer finish than the Bills twill and a bit shorter rise. I do like the Bills in the chamois cloth to wear to the office on casual days.
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