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I'm looking for a pair of xx-007s and have a sizing question. I have a true waist of 35 in but have fairly skinny thighs and am probably looking for a final upper thigh of 12 inches. Should i get a raw 33 or 34? BiG lists 33 ow as having a waist of 33 and upper thigh of 11.75 -- will that stretch to what i am looking for (35 waist 12 upper thigh) or should i go for the 34 waist to play it safe? I am looking for a slim look but dont want them to be uncomfortably tight. ...
I am thinking of getting a pair of st-140x and have a sizing question. trying to figure out stretching and debating between 32 and 33. I would like the waist to end up at 34.5-35. any advice? will a 32 stretch enough or should I just go with 33? for comparison purposes, I have a pair of momotaro 705BIG in size 32 (waist measures 34) which are slightly too small (i can button them but they are uncomfortable) and a pair of raleigh denim originals in 32 (waist measures...
me too
My cobbler (who is highly recommended on these boards) recommended against putting half soles on my 1ks because he thought there was a high chance they would peel off...
3 miles in central park today
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