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Been traveling to India lately on business, any tips on food places from kind souls who have stayed in Lalit hotel in New Delhi?
suppose you have the data in cells A1 to A9: A1 A A2 B A3 C A4 D A5 E A6 F A7 G A8 H A9 I how do you let the data display such that they get picked in fixed intervals? e.g. In a two row jump, it displays in A1 A A2 D A3 G Really appreciate any advice you have!
thanks for some of the sharing! not that this is exactly related to dubstep, but this eric lau guy from london seems pretty coolericlaumusic dot com
nice, what are some of the classic dubstep artists/albums i should look out for?
no further ado and further to my previous thread, damn, this isnt really hard at all. 1. Melody Gardot 2. Raul Midon 3. Prefuse 73 well, you can choose to include a video or two, even a short introduction, but i prefer to let the music speaks first. i personally prefer musical artists still alive, but anything goes if you think he/she's worth it. now, who would you plug?
damn, this is hard. i'll give a stab at this: in no order of priority: ella fitzgerald james brown stevie ray vaughan i know, i know, i'm already missing out so many dead legends off the top of my head, clifford brown, dimebag, MJ, amy winehouse, gary moore, miles davis, and ...
You have 10 chests of gold bars in front of you. Each chest contains 10 gold bars. One of these chests contains defective bars that all weigh 10.1 kg, rather than the standard 10kg. You have a weighing scale, but you are only allowed to use it once and you can only read the weight on the scale once. Qn: How do you find out which chest of gold bars is defective?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm he's a SF member well, not helping much unless i know who he is in sf. let's see if he notices.
for the love of god, does anyone has a clue where in hk can i bespeak this? fyi, havent got a reply from the blogger, thought sf is faster.
alliswell, i think you got me wrong. i just need philip ii on last 8000 instead of 7000. and seriously do i really need to dig out 7000-8000 usd to get them?? although i know they will make a bespoke last based on my feet. manton, special orders meaning... mto? i've already got city ii on 7000, i just dont want another one with the same last
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