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Found some nice suits and sport coats yesterday.. Most just didn't fit except this guy: Its a bit darker in person. I also found a mint YSL suit, beautiful, but not my size. It was size 42 jacket 32 pants...Might go back and pick it up to flip.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 How wide is the BB tie? I might be interested. 3 inch
$1 tie day: Valentino, YSL, 2 Dior, Viyella, and a wool BB
Just started thrifting heres what I found last week (hopefully the pictures work!) AE McAllisters $6 Clarks Desert boots mint $6 Some ties, 3 RL Polo, YSL, BB, and a knit pierri cardin $2 each And an Armani shirt
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