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Just got back from a little vacation and decided to check out the local thrift after a 10 day absence and found (either sportcoat or suits): 2 oxxfords 2 HF several dior 1 Zegna several burberry 1 valentino 1 Armani several BB and much more.. Too bad no of it fit so i came home with a gator polo belt for $2...
I don't know how casual or formal your looking to go but i'd definitely recommend J-Crew over BR and also check out urban outfitters for decent selection of trendy/affordable shirts.
All im saying is why just plain hate on somebody for shoes that he already bought and likes? I understand completely that there is a difference between wearing something that is expensive and designer and something that is actually styleish (the reason half of my wardrob is now from the thirft) but theres no point in ridiculing someone that is genuinely looking for some advice, even if it is something that is not your taste... Id buy some allen edmonds or john lobbs oveer...
lol this thread is funny.. But to be honest call me what you will but I like them a lot. Most of the people on here are old and conservative... you said you already have some plane jane loafers so why not try and spice it up a bit with some gucci.. screw the haters, i'm 20 and think any guy wearing these has got to be pretty baller.. with the exception of wearing these with a suit of course! Sorry I cant give any solid recommendations but theres my 2 cents.
Pretty happy about my find today: Came with a pretty cool 10K gold pin! Too bad its not my size.. its a 41 T, anyone interested by chance?
^ Yeah I'm going to give it a try this week. I hope it works like you all say so I can start not passing up great shirts for minor stains and such..
ooops I guess I should of searched it! Thanks
Also, what do you guys do about items with stains? I frequently come across gems but then find some small stains and pass them by.. Today I thought about picking up a white T&A shirt, perfect fit, but there was some nasty pit stains... Do you guys know of any stain remedies or do you just leave it at that point?
A couple finds from this week: T & A $5 Some cool saddle shoes $5 I found these Calvin Klein Leather boots and decided they were worth it for $5 And a couple ties for $2 each (color is a little off)
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku I wouldn't bother. Any menswear other than Dior Homme (their recent mainline) or their runway couture line isn't really worth flipping. The suit looks pretty dated too. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. That picture is of a Dior that i picked up for myself because it fit perfect. I didn't take any pics of the YSL.
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