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Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker The Harris Tweed looks best, but depending on the story with your uncle's coat, that may trump it (I am a sucker for sentimental value). +1 Agreed
Found a burberry golf polo lookin brand new and recent but without tags. Also a Lacoste zip up and a copy of We the Living by Ayn Rand ha... random day but cant complain for $12
I wear an AE 9 c and the DG's fit great
Oxxford: sleeve length at shoulder 26 1/4 in shoulder to shoulder 18 in jacket length 32.5 Chest 21 Waist 20.5 Zegna: sleeve 24 shoulder to shoulder 19 length 31.5 waist 20
US Only Brand new in box D&G chelsea boots size 42. Never been worn. Retail $495 Asking $300>>$270 >>>$250 Shipped. Used. No stains or other damage. Oxxford sportcoat. Asking $100>>>$90 >>> $75 shipped.
have only been buying in my size and found 2 things the other day that fit great! Lacoste from IZOD days: Wool Navy HF:
gotcha.. thanks for clearing that up guys
There is no other tag on the jacket. Checked the opposite side and the insides of all the inner pockets.. There is a small tag on the inside with the size but that is all. and it seems to be constructed very nicely and the cashmere is unbelievably soft so I'm going to assume Zegna is the maker unless anyone else can say for sure..
never been worn polo belt $2: Vintage Gucci tie $2: Cable and Co. captoes $6 Zegna Sportcoat:
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