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I like the look on the OP. First definitely better than second. The boutonniere (sp?) has really been making a strong comeback. I don't think it is going to bloom (no pun intended) this summer, but probably by next year. That and lapel pins. Sort of a fun accessory in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane finally have become to find peace of mind If you don't mind me asking, can you elaborate?
This is a pretty interesting topic. I find it sort of fascinating how people react when you spend more than average on clothing. I've used to outright told people the price in the past but more recently I've just said "I can't remember". When I've told people the price of my clothes they usually make some comment like "oh, Mr. big shot" or something like that. Clothing seems to be the area where this happens the most, perhaps because there are such diversity in price...
Hey guys, I was going to put this in one of the style categories, but seems better if everyone can chat about it here. I wrote a post on my site about this today here and I wanted to canvas the guys on this site about how upping your style has improved your life. Have you been more successful with women? Have your contributions been noticed more at work? In my post I comment on the halo effect that comes with dressing better, but I wanted to get your thoughts...
Agree with above. Almost certainly one of your feet is just a touch larger than the other. Take it to a cobbler, tell him your issue and get it stretched out just a hint. If you wait for it to happen naturally you'll be so pissed off at how long it takes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Mr Tim Sartorial, are you a BB guy past/present? How's the Calgary store fairing overall? Insight from anyone? Yeah, I worked there since they opened but left to start my own thing. If you've walked in the suit dept there I'm sure I've said hi. I had a ton of clients in Edmonton. There have been a lot of changes there, but I'm not really interested in discussing it publicly. Be more than happy to...
Agree with standard interview attire. Even the interviewer likely won't notice it's a J crew tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl No kidding. If I had known there were so many fashionable men there, I wouldn't haved moved away... Just kidding! Of course I would have. I wouldn't respect you if you didn't want to move. Seeing as there's so much interest, I'll definitely put something together in the next few days. Just need to finish the stuff already on my plate here first.
I don't want to get into a heated debate on this, but managing a company's expenses certainly doesn't make you the devil. If my sales guys are making a 50% commission when we're starting off and sales are small, I'm just trying to make ends meet for both of us, but when sales are increased 10 fold, in part because of all of the money we're spending on marketing, you can bet we're going to move to a new system as the business realities change. Doesn't mean we're trying to...
Can't really respond to this because I have no idea what your style is. Here's a quick guide I wrote on my site: http://www.mrsartorial.com/1/post/20...on-online.html Have look and provide a bit more info. Thanks!
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