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I think that there will be differences of opinion on this matter based on regional tastes, but here in Alberta Canada it is definitely not something women like at all. I've seen women start saying some guy must be a douche just because he had a popped collar and then avoided him. It's become a sociological indicator of doucheism.
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot I don't think this is true though I simplified things a bit. But that's not really the point of this thread. For anyone interested in learning more I'd recommend the works of James Laver, or one of the newer texts on the history of fashion and costume. I most recently purchased this one although I'm not overly happy with the coverage of menswear in it. I think they could have done better.
What does fashion do for me? I think there are a few different interpretations of fashion floating around in this thread, so I want to start by breaking that down. What is fashion? Fashion is simply the artistic side of clothing. We call it a fashion industry because it is convenient to do so. Fashion is not integral to the concept of clothing by any means. Humans have worn clothing long before there was a concept of fashion. In fact, the idea of fashion as something...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricky247 Well I really Like the way Johnny depp dresses, but I don't want to be a copy-cat. His ste inspires me, but the point of the question is to help me discover my own style So pls help me out here! Unfortunately it will take much more than the advice we can give in a forum post for you to discover your own style. I can't speak for everyone here, but for me it has been a many years long process involving...
I think a navy linen suit is a great idea. The navy colour is complemented well by the way linen wrinkles. I know Paul Smith made a really cool one a couple of seasons ago, but you designers change every season and I'm not sure who's offering one right now.
This is pretty broad. What are you really trying to get at? Why do you ask? That will help you get a proper answer. Of the top of my head: Western Nautical Preppy Rockabilly Goth Disco Blue Collar Minimalist Like a Pirate etc. etc. Some of those are more thematic components of a style and others are actual style tribes. Again, it helps to understand what you're really after.
Hey guys, I'm thinking about putting together an article on this and I'm curious what others on here would think. I'm specifically posting here in MC because most of you tend to be older in this forum. What advice would you give to a kid entering his first year of college? Some thoughts that come to my mind are don't just dress in jeans and a hoodie every day. Discover the benefits of chinos, collared shirts and V-neck sweaters early. Even if you're in business,...
I was only ever a cadet, but I was actually thinking about this the other day. I remember spending hours pressing my uniform, polishing my boots, cleaning my belt, scrubbing the brass on it to a mirror finish. The military fetishizes care of your clothing (uniform) and I definitely think that this environment where I tried to excel in every aspect certainly had an affect on how I attend to my personal appearance, and how I care for my clothes. I don't think it directly...
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames navy looks pretty good with everything That sums it up.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 My first chance to really look at this whole thread. Boner alert!
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