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Still no luck with the images I'm afraid. As for what type of brown shoe, I'd just keep it simple to start, something medium or slightly darker brown, either a cap-toe, wingtip or maybe a blutcher. It sounds like you don't exactly have a large shoe collection, so you definitely want to get something that's versatile.
Well, I can't see your images at all because it looks like they're broken, but brown shoes are definitely a necessity for business so you can give your black ones a rest. Wearing the same pair over and over will cause them to wear down much faster because of the perspiration from your feet. What colour suits do you have? Navy and Charcoal or light grey are perfect for business and they go great with a brown shoe. Hope that helps!
Quote: Originally Posted by dagger88 i have a pretty big head (23inches) compared to body(chest 37) , what or how should i wear my clothes to make it appear smaller? I'd recommend wearing shirts with larger collars of a straight-point style and tying your tie with a fatter knot, like a windsor (get wider ties so this doesn't look odd). This will reduce the proportion of your head to the rest of your body. Combine this with a slimmer suit but a...
I'm not entirely convinced based on the description that it is in fact a convertible cuff. Depending on the positioning of the buttonholes, it could also be an adjustable cuff. If it's convertible one of the button holes will be directly above the button on the same side, and opposing the other button holes. Is this the case? This is often done by Eton for their shirts. Just want to be clear. Hope that helps.
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