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Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Okay, I'm off the Android and back to the laptop now so I can type in real sentences and not feel like I'm wasting my life. I've only been to the Cross Iron "factory" BB once. I remember asking if they had any "Fitzgerald" fit coats and the guy took me to the winter coats section. I then re-asked and he deferred to someone a bit higher up who also didn't know what the "Fitzgerald" fit was. Really, I'm not alpha, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Is Friday's meeting still on? Yes, I'll be there. So there's going to be 4-5 of us I think?
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Chanced upon the Louisiana Purchase restaurant today while accompanying housemate to Fly Jeans ( god awful clothes). The food was great. Cajun + Creole cooking, with a brilliant ambience and er hot waitresses Anyway, I had an alligator kebab which blew everything from Dadeos away. Succulent meat with a perfect marinade, very pleased with the dish. Dessert was pretty good too. Yeah Fly Jeans is like a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered Thought we had a Niche meet-up in the works? My bad, I was in charge of organizing all of this but my schedule's been nuts. Let's say 7:30pm at Niche next Friday May 27th. Early enough that you can call it dinner, late enough that you can eat ahead of the time or head out to the clubs after or whatever you do with your Friday nights This handily works with my intentions to go see the Hangover...
I'm going to disagree with all of the above responses. It is an option, just not a very good one. It looks like something a guy might wear if he didn't really understand black tie, maybe only goes out once a year or something. The one thing I vehemently disagree with is the label "Daredevil option". Hardly.
It depends on you're tuxedo and your approach to dress I suppose. Everything on a tuxedo is streamlined to represent more formality (eg. ventless typically, slit pockets instead of flap pockets, so on and so on. In my opinion, keeping with this aesthetic, non-functional buttons would be the right approach, but I doubt you'll find anywhere in the world anymore where working buttonholes will be considered gauche on a tuxedo.
Added Herschel Supply.
I'm not sure what the new digital experience will be, but the person they are hinting at is Milla Jovovich.
Added all 3. I dig Outclass, wish they had more (RE: any) selection.
The blog is run by Jesse Thorn, he goes by YoungAmerican on this site. The premise of the post may seem rather simple, but they do a pretty kick ass job at most of the stuff they do and Jesse has always had some pretty helpful tips for both clothing and in producing media. I'm not really interested in the article at hand, but I wouldn't be bashing their site because, as I said, they really do a pretty good job overall and contribute a lot to the community.
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