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Hey guys, Quick shameless self-promo. I have some good stuff for sale and thought I'd make an effort to notify the locals here. Biggest steal getting no notice are the Armani pants. They're something: I'll be quiet on here for the next little bit (besides selling), but I'll be back soon enough, and with plans for another night out.
Updated with new extra low prices. All prices are now firm.
Hey guys, Time to sell some of the things I never use. Most items have very little use unless noted otherwise. For questions, more photos, or offers, please PM me. I'm more than happy to answer any questions or provide more photos. Shipping is in addition to the posted price. all items located in Canada. All shirts approx 33.5" sleeve length (please ask for exact). All pants hemmed to approx 33" unless otherwise noted. Updated for crazy low prices. All prices...
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman I'll be downtown all the time starting in a week or so, but we'll figure something else out if that doesn't work. If I didn't know better I'd suspect that you got yourself a job. Nice work Gfreeman!
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne How's the postal strike affecting Edmonton so far? I need to get parcels shipped tomorrow (and, well, received) I don't know what it's status is, but you could jsut use another service like UPS or FedEx if you're in a bind.
Look at that; this thread was actually quiet for a couple of hours because we were all out eating. Thanks for putting up with my incessant nattering All. I'll suggest another night later towards the end of June. I'll even book a reservation if you all promise to RSVP sooner than the night of.
See you guys there tonight. I'll be wearing blue gingham shirt, navy mac coat, cream slacks and black raybans. That should help identifying me. I'll try and grab a table as soon as I get there. Could be a bit of a wait. I think this will be a mix of MC and SW&D.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered What time are we looking at for Friday? We're meeting at 7:30pm at Niche on Friday Hope to see lots of guys make it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 Mostly, yeah. I've only been there twice, and don't plan on going back after the sales assistant looked at me like I was crazy when I asked where the Golden Fleece suits were. You'll never see Golden Fleece in the Factory stores because it's the premium line. The downtown Calgary store carries a decent selection last time I was there.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness So is it worth going to the factory store or is the quality just not there? I'm mostly thinking of Peal & Co. shoes. As far as I know they don't carry Peal and Co. shoes at the Factory stores. Everything is the 346 factory line which is derivative of the main line. IIRC they occasionally bring goods from the main stores to factory stores for clearance, but that never happened while I worked for Brooks.
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